Company and contact info mandatory to create a DEAL



I am just starting with Deals and I have an issue regarding the mandatory properties to create a deal. 


When Creating a Deal, I want my team to put the Company and the contact associated with the deal. Both information are Mandatory to create a Deal. Today this is not possible.


It seems like a no brainer to ensure team are never missing basic information in a deal.


Thank you

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Hi David739,


I've done the notification/email/task route with limited success.


What I'm moving into now is pushing deals back into earlier stages of the pipeline if they don't have a Contact and Company associated (based off of a formula field on the deal for number of associated Contact, and number of associated companies). Given that a rep doesn't get credit until it's in closed won (and stays there), it has been more effective. 


Moving stages for reps is not something I like to do as it creates a weird and frustrating experience where they move the deal to a stage, hit save, and then it changes back over the course of the next few minutes. So I couple the task/notification with the stage change - you can use delays with unenroll so they at least know why something changed stages and they have a chance to correct the issue.



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Unacceptable response.  Figure it out.  Hate to be insensitive, but its a base level requirement.


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Upvoting and commenting on behalf of a customer, I've had quite a few requests for this. I think it would be a great idea to offer our customers the option to make this required or not so this isn't a step their own sales team skip. 

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I'd love the ability to make a company association mandatory in specific pipeline stages. We often forget this step, but it's cruicial for our quoting add-on (zoho configurator). 

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We need this feature as well. Please, hubspot product team, work your magic! Thank you! 


Definitly need this feature ! So important to maintain relevant database !!!


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My mind just got blown. How can this not be a feature?

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The HS response that this is not being considered because a deal looking for an associated contact or company that doesn't exist is developer and product management tone-deafness.


All that is needed is for a new contact or company object to be created when a similar domain isn't found. Or, the system could flag the deal creation when no associated contact or company is found and force the creation of one.


In the meantime, I've created a "bad deal behavior" report (part of a "bad behavior dashboard" that has all deals without associated companies or contacts (I recently renamed them to "process error" reports and dashboard - to improve the maturity appearance) . This report is published so that all salespeople can see it. I've sorted it so that the worst offenders are at the top of the report. Our compensation plan indicates that anyone on this report is subject to disciplinary action up to and including job loss and the loss of compensation related to these records. Of course, this drastic step is rarely taken, but it gets everyone's attention - nobody wants to be on this dashboard.

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For us it is a must-have option, too.  Sales folks easily forgets about associating companies/contacts with deals.

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This is something very basic. We do we have to be left at the mercy of an upvoted idea to have this feature?

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2020 inbound did not have any update regarding this. HubSpot wants the platform to be more acceptable in large enterprises and yet it has no intention to deliver this ABSOLUTELY BASIC check in place! I love the user-friendliness of this platform but feel totally disappointed when I see that a request for such a simple and fundamental functionality has to be channelized through an idea forum and has status as NOT PLANNED even after 3 years. If moderators are reading this, please get this fact right - the mandatory association of a deal with a company is A FUNDAMENTAL practice in sales. Without an associated company and contacts, you can not fulfill an order and do billing/invoicing. 

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@GLR Were you ever able to make this work at all? I am facing a similar issue. We are using HubSpot marketing automation and outreach automation and evaluating/planning to open it up for a sales team of about 250 members. The absence of this feature can certainly create a nightmare for the sales ops admin.

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I have a dashboard called "Process Errors." In it, I have reports by rep on what they are not doing, like missing fields. This makes sense for this problem and others where a field might be required later but you do not have the data to fill in early in a cycle.

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@JonDFreeman How do you set this up? Can you give me an example?

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The solution is simple. Example, if you need to have a company associated to every deal.


You'll want to have a report and graphic that shows all deals, by salesperson, which do NOT have a company associated.


Create a dashboard called SALES OPERATIONS PROCESS ERRORS (trust me, you'll have many reports that fit in to this model and this dashboard will become an easy tool to point all salespeople toward when they are offenders.


In this case, create a two object report of deals and companies (you will add to this dashboard) of all deals with a filter that looks for all deals without an associate company. Be sure to create a bar chart visual that shows the number of deals by salespeople. If you have teams and lots of salespeople, then do this by the team leader or sales manager.


The trick is to send out a couple of messages to the salespeople that show on this report - one before the report to tell everyone what you will be doing and how each deal needs a company. Then, another when you create the dashboard/report you can send to everyone along with the expectation that they associate a company to every deal, but after that stick to only sending to the offending reps and their managers. Be kind in your messages, the shame of being on the report is enough and will keep you from getting crosswise with the sales manager or exec management owners of these people.


If you do it right, lots of people will comply before you build the report. Most people want to do the right thing and want to avoid being seen as a problem. Trust in this process, it works very well.


You will always have a few offenders left. If they are top performers, work with their manager to help them fit the data. If they are poor performers, this is good evidence of more bad performance if you're organization has been working to remove them (which any good organization should do with poor performers that also break good process and well-communicated policy).


I hope that this helps.



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Adding my name to this - it seems like a very basic feature that should be added, and shouldn't be a massive engineering effort on the Hubspot side.


Any update on this, super simple and we require it also.

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