Company and contact info mandatory to create a DEAL



I am just starting with Deals and I have an issue regarding the mandatory properties to create a deal. 


When Creating a Deal, I want my team to put the Company and the contact associated with the deal. Both information are Mandatory to create a Deal. Today this is not possible.


It seems like a no brainer to ensure team are never missing basic information in a deal.


Thank you

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 we would also need the possibility to have the association to a product as mandatory to create a deal. this is not possible either. We have workflow in place for price calculation that do not occur if people forget to associate the deal to a product, which happens quite often. 



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It would make our lives 100% better if we were able to make associated contacts a required field when creating deals. We have so many people who do not associated contacts and so we are not able to show them where their new customers are coming from. 

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We need this as well, lots of deals being created with no associated contacts. Makes transferring deals to new owners when people transition pretty difficult.

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We need this too

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We also needt his feature. Please make it happen!

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I think this is a brilliant idea and it would be great to see it implemented. I want to make it mandatory for the sales team to add a contact when creating a deal so that we have the relevant contact to send specific comms to. Just need that little tick box next to contact so I can make it a requried field.

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Another vote for this functionality....

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Hi there,


Our company also really needs this feature, any update on this?

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Hi @edjusten,


Why is this still not addressed by the HubSpot team? This is basic functionality. 
Right now we are running a report that identifies the Deals with No Associated Company, but come on. Contact and Company need to be mandatory. 


Deals vs Contacts/Companies truly feels like two different worlds in the data schema. If I'd like to create a wrokflow, for example have a Task created for Deals that do not have an Associated Company, the field is just not there....
Associated Company is there when selecting Contact and vice versa. But Deals and Contacts/Companies are visibly disconnected in numerous places in the CRM

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Agreed with all of this.  I have a list and dashboard to manage these when it should be on the sales people to connect it correctly in the beginning.  Some do it but at least 1/3rd forget because they're managing a lot of deals or simply forget.  We have 100+ sales people across the country to so it ends up falling on the marketing team to manually associate them regularly so our reporting works.  Not at all an ideal way to go and a huge waste of time.

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I'm wasting so much time creating tasks and following up with people for tactical nonsense. 


Such a waste. I'f we could force associated contacts, comapnies and products - the whole thing would be SO much cleaner and easier to manage.

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Is this functionality available yet? What are the best ideas to get around people forgetting to add a contact to a deal?

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Please Hubspot, escalate this functionality, agree with all above.

Thanks !

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Hubspot - you are making it impossible to protect data integrity for all of your customers without this functionality.  This is now a hundred upvotes - a product manager should weigh in.

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Yes this is vital, its causing a lot of issues for us as we cannot ensure data is copied from deals to contact and or company records. 

updated to: Not Currently Planned
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Hi everyone,

I’m Joe, the Ideas Forum Manager.


At this time there are no plans to develop this Idea. There's actually a bit of a weird hiccup in the implementation. If an association is required to create a deal, and the associated object doesn’t exist, users could be trapped in a creation loop. 


I just wanted to provide a bit of clarity on why this isn't currently planned.




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Hi Joe


So what about....  the user creates a new deal and has to search and link the company and a contact (or more?) - and these fields are required / mandatory, before a new deal can be created .

If a new deal is created off a workflow or from a form, if company and contact are not associated, a report is sent to a super admin to check & a new deal can then be created?)

Sorry if this is a bit simplistic but we all need a solution, so please re-investigate and provide a workaround?!


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It just seems strange to me how a deal can be created without having at least an email address for a contact. How do those working on the deals communicate with the customer otherwise. I have several custom fields on deals that all need to be copied over to the company or contact profile. I cannot expect our sales teams to input this data into the system twice for every single deal, it would take far too much time. Also this is about the option to make assigning a contact/comapny to a deal mandatory. This would be controlled by the account admin, so each business can decide if this is something that will work for them. 


I am having to have our admin support spend time trying to make sure company/contact profile information is up to date which is time consuming and open to human error. Even something as simple as tagging a contact from a closed deal as a client for our business isn't possilbe without having the contact associated with the deal. 

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I understand the whole catch-22 of creation, but as it turns out these relationships are critical to a ton of workflows, data tags and reporting. 


Sounds like this might need to be something of a pop-up / wizard flow? Start to create deal and a shell of a deal record is created, search for and associate a company and/or contact, hit finish and the deal record is off to a good start.


Could also just have a designated stage upon creation where it's okay to not have anything associated, but then absolutely lock it down from leaving this initial stage until users associate it to a contact and/or company. - I'm trying to do this via workflow, but there are too many gaps to really enforce it right now.

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What workflows are you using for this? All i've been able to do is make workflows to email the deal creator is they are not associating a contact with a deal then another reminder after 3 days. Still genearly those go ignored by sales staff though.