Company and contact info mandatory to create a DEAL



I am just starting with Deals and I have an issue regarding the mandatory properties to create a deal. 


When Creating a Deal, I want my team to put the Company and the contact associated with the deal. Both information are Mandatory to create a Deal. Today this is not possible.


It seems like a no brainer to ensure team are never missing basic information in a deal.


Thank you

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Hi @GLR  The New Deal modal does include fields to add or create companies or contacts by default, but does not have the option to make them required. I can certainly see where this would be vital to your business. 


I'm going to move this to our ideas forum for further comment. 


Thank you,

Ed Justen 

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Thank you for your support Edjusten

I really think that being able to assign contact / company to a deal is a real value.



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Yes, this is absolutely needed. 


Especially because: when a deal is not connected to a contact, the original source properties can't be filled. This means that we won't see where these deals came from, which ruins the entire ROI reporting!

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Yes, I agree!


We defintaley need to know the contact person from an original source perspective.


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Hi Hubspot team.


Do you know how many of your customers are here because they want a CRM and not an e-commerce platform ?

So please, don't forget to improve the core features 


Use case : "as a manager of 50 sales, I don't have the time to control that every sale gather the righ informations on their prospects (and I am talking about 100 prospects a day). Data is key and I need to make sure they respect the playbook. So I need a solution to force them fill-in certain properties at a certain stage of the deal."


The issue : "The data I request them to fill in are already in contacts and companies properties. Because I cannot force these properties, I need to duplicate them on deal properties and then create dozens of workflow to make I have consistent data all over my Hubspot account. Conlusion : My Hubspot is becoming a junk of duplicate properties and crazy workflows for nothing. I am using features for the wrong purpose and start to loose control over my Hubspot configuration."


You need to work on these basic connection please.


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I agree with GLR. I absolutely need Company and Contact to be mandatory in each deal. Any news when this will be updated?


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 I agree - this will make sure the data is complete for each deal

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Yes, this absolutely needed, sales team and exec management are complaining bitterly about issues like this.  I keep on asking: PLEASE IMPROVE EXISTING CRM FUNCTIONALITY, IT'S SORELY NEEDED!!!! (if you want to retain us as customers, that is...)

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@edjusten Hello, there. Are there any updates regarding this issue? We automate based on Company Records and would really love to be able to require a Company association in order for a deal to be moved to "closed won." This would be major in assisting our team-to-team handoffs by ensuring we get all necessary info appended to Contact/Company/Deal records prior to the handoff. 

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 I understand that Hubspot comes at CRM from the perspective of marketing automation, but if serious about competing here any holes in basic CRM functionality puts you at a disadvantage. This is a big one, particularly when attempting to leverage partner integrations that expect aCompany to be joined to each Deal/Opportunity.

I agree with @GLR that you can't expect busy reps to comply with "optional" data entry, nor busy managers to chase after bad data.