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Company and Order sync between Shopify and HubSpot

The new integration between HubSpot and Shopify is suitable on a large number of points.


But one point seems to have been excluded during the implementation by the teams, that of the synchronization of the Company object and associated orders between Shopify and HubSpot.


By setting up Shopify <> HubSpot synchronization, it is possible to synchronize orders between the two environments.


These orders can, if they are associated with a Shopify contact synchronized with HubSpot, also be associated with this same contact on the HubSpot side.


On the other hand, nothing has been planned for the Company <> Order association.


This is extremely disabling for a B2B business organized via a CRM tool that is B2B oriented 🤔


Hoping that this feature will be integrated soon as it is essential for the overall integration to work properly.


PS: And if importing orders could also be part of the next features, that would be ideal.


Thanks to the teams! 🙌😘

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Unfortunately, the new Shopify app in HubSpot is very limited with the current available mappings.


When speaking to HS support, they recommend creating a 'custom mapping.'


However, 'Custom mappings' aren't really 'custom' when it comes to the Shopify-HubSpot integration - HubSpot's reference to 'custom mappings' is just a dropdown of a couple of fields that HubSpot's product team 'decided' to make available and call 'custom mappings'.


There's no way to actually create a custom mapping by linking to a Shopify API webhook.


There are many aspects of this integration that was left out unfortunately and I hope that the product team aims to improve it. 


Other aspects:

- inability to use 'Cart' object properties in personalization tokens such as the 'line items' property.

- tracking numbers cannot be mapped.

- product photo URLs were just mapped (finally).

- There are others I'm not listing here, but I find it surprising they rolled out an 'upgraded' integration with far fewer features.


This is disappointing and has surely affected our revenue with the features that are no longer available.