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Company alphabetical sort - lower case vs upper case quirk

It looks like HubSpot treats companies listed in all caps as being at the top of the alphabet. It would be great if this were treated like neutral text regardless of capitalization. Having this would help with navigation and reconcilation with offline sources.


Example sort result:


ATI Industrial

Alro Steel


Also, if the company begins with a lower case letter, it will first appear after Z...

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Same problem here.

We want to add the companies the way they write their name.

Some company names start with a small letter some with a capital letter.

It's confusing if you have to look under "A" and after "Z" under "a".


Surely this is a fundamental error, IMHO of course, but to fail to have a sort that works correctly is a little strange, and that's being incredibly polite.


My initial question would be what sort of programming / sort standards have been applied to get this to work in this manner in the first place?  None that I have EVER come across in 4 decades of working in IT that's for sure!!


However this is really by the by, you need to fix it, it is wrong and you need to put it right, i am NOT going to use a system that cannot work the alphabet, it suggests a lack of capability!



Totally agree with markbailey. I first couldn't believe it then I contacted Support and they confirmed there is nothing they can do about it. Honestly? It's IT for heaven's sake, of course you can!

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Hi folks!


My name is Joe, I'm the Ideas Forum Manager.


We hear you and agree that this functionality is important. I can confirm that we are actively looking into this idea, but at this time cannot confirm a timeline. 


Stay tuned to this thread, as we’ll update it as soon as this feature is In Beta and subsequently Delivered.



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Yes, we're having the same issue over here. We add companies by whatever company version of company name is tied to their domain most of the time. Going line by line I actually found several companies that were duplicated by sales with an upper and lower case version.