Company, Task and Deal workflows (independent of Contacts)

Workflows need to apply to Companies and Deals without any Contact involvement. Seems all workflows are tied to a Contact, which is not ideal.


For example, we want any Company that has a open Deal to move from "Target" to "Prospect" as a company type.


I run the workflow and Hubspot ignores any companies that have deals without an associated contact. We want this company stage to change regardless of whether the deal has an associated contact or not.


Given users do not always associate a contact to a deal (not necessary for us), there are companies being missed on this workflow.


Likewise, I would like to have a workflow that when a user creates a task associated to a deal, that the company associated to the deal is automatically associated to the task. This doesn't seem possible currently

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we also really want to have workflows for companies and deals. E.g. we want to create follow up tasks for deals but have to do this at the contact level, which means we have lots of duplicate tasks. Very annoying. we are using a custom contact field - main point of contact - as a workaround but this is really risky as the salesteam forget to nominiate a main point of contact. 

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