Company Name Displayed in a Task List


It would be great if we could add the company name to the task list. Our sales team uses tasks 80-95% of the time, and we run multiple calling campaigns and, follow up on a weekly basis, sometimes with multiple contacts from the same company.


I know you can create a task in the company and put the contact name with the task title. This is a work-a-round that we haven't' tried yet.


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We have the same need. We need to be able to see a dashboard of Tasks that includes Contact Name and Associated Company and the ability to sort by Associated Company. Not being able to group all of the outstanding tasks for a company and see the relevant contacts is frustrating and makes tasks fairly useless beyond an individual user level. It makes little sense that you can associate a Task with both a Contact and Company record when logging it, but not see both in one Task view. Please create this functionality - it's feels fairly simple to add another column view and users have been requesting it for years.


Please add something here, Hubspot Team. The Task funktionality like this is is quite sensless in the webbrowser.

We also need the associated company + ideally the phone number.



Our team really needs to be able to see the Company name on their task list. This would be of tremendous value for us and I am sure many organizations.  Thanks!


I would vote 1 million times for this!!!


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+1 also need the ability to sort by company name in the task list


+1 vote from our side.


Would be great if Hubspot could at least give a reply to this, as they were supposed to start working on it already years ago.


I understand if there are any difficulties that might blok this adjustment, but an update would be the least hubspot can do.


Why Tasks settings wouldn't support Company name ? That could be an help for sales to manage their tasks. Like checking "Associate with" I'd like to check "Company name" on this lightbox. Thanks to vote for this proposal !




Yes please please please can we just have the option to include the associated company in the task list. I appreciate not everyone will want this but would be great to give users or superadmins the option to include it.


When I googled this, I was excited to see I'd arrived at a subject  with lots of other people having the same issue but was really disappointed to see it was first raised in 2017 with a Hubspot employee replying 'Great Idea' shortly after. Then nothing.....for over 3 years 🙁


I lost a sales rep yesterday and one of the reasons they cited was that they couldn't prioritise who to call first as they couldn't see the company names in their task list!


Yes please provide the ability to see both the contact name and the company name for a Task.  We use the Task list daily to prioritize activities and currently have to click on the name to remember which company they work for.  


Request #2 would be to have city & state for those of us with nationwide accounts to see which timezone they are in to determine the right time to call. 


Yes. We need this. 


This would be great if other important metrics could be sorted on the task list - like HubSpot Score!



while "Associated Company" is an option on the fields to show, it's not mapping properly (a contact with an "Associated Company" in a contact list has no value for "Associated Company" in the task queue