Company Name Displayed in a Task List

It would be great if we could add the company name to the task list. Our sales team uses tasks 80-95% of the time, and we run multiple calling campaigns and, follow up on a weekly basis, sometimes with multiple contacts from the same company.


I know you can create a task in the company and put the contact name with the task title. This is a work-a-round that we haven't' tried yet.


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When tasks are added to a cue in bulk (10 in my example) to a queue that already has tasks in it, they are not grouped by the 10 from the same company. They seem to be placed in the queue sporadically. Further, once in the queue, tasks are not sortable by any relevant logic (company, name, etc.)


In my eyes, this all but eliminates the usefulness and efficiency of queues. 


I hope to see this addressed sooner than later.


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When looking at the task list, it would be very beneficial to be able to show the association of the task to both contact and company. Currently, it only shows one depnding on where you created the task, on the contact page or company page.

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Hi @brenton4Ocean  Great idea indeed. I'm going to move this to the ideas forum for further comment. Can you add a bit more context on why this would be benificial to your use case? Our product team takes these posts into account when deciding on which ideas to implement. 


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You bet. This would enable me to quickly sort my task list and look at priorities based on company. I have a large list of tasks every day and am unable to get through my list for the day quite frequently. I don't always remember who is associated with company and having that right at my fingertips would be very beneficial. 


Another idea might be to create a "priority" scale for tasks. When I create a task, I could assign it a specific priority and tackle higher priority calls/tasks first.

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I believe I have a closely-related issue. When using the basic task list I cannot sort on the name of the contact. I often have many duplicated tasks for one contact and would like to see them together so I can remove the extra ones. Currently the contact column does not allow sorting, I would like it to.

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 I support this idea!!

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 I was going to add this idea myself. My team really struggle with not having the associated company column when looking at their task view. This would help a lot if it was added.

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When I assign a task to a contact, it associates a contact and a company, but when I view my task lists it only shows the contact. We should be able to view both. It would be great to know what company Kurt belongs to, or what contact I am wanted to call at one of the other companies.


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I agree - I need to be able to see the person AND their company when I'm managing my tasks throughout the day!

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This would be very helpful, expecially when you might be reaching out to multiple contacts at a company, or to double check that you don't already have a duplicate task open for that company.

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In deed very much necessary to have the enterprise column... 

I would suggest to make all fields available as in other tables accross Hubspot.



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I have got the same request.

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@jennysowyrda Jenny,


I thought my tasks always associated with the company when created in the contact.  Why doesn't it?


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Any roadmap on this function at all? 

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This really needs to be implemented. It's basic functionality 

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Hi Hubspot,


The ability to sort by company is sorely needed in the task capability. When will this be available?

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I got to this thread when searching Google for how enable Task view where you can see both: contact AND company. Super shocked that this impossible currently and that it has been a request for years already!

It slows me down in my day-to-day tasks as each time I press on the tasks to view what's the company or contact behind.

Are there any news whether this feature request will be supported?