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Company Lists for AND - OR Capabilities

There should either be AND - OR capabilities in filters or you should be able to create static and active lists for Companies, not just Contacts. 


Currently, Lists are only able to organize Contacts while having "AND - OR" capabilities. Filters on views only have "AND" functionality.


My Sales/Engineering team needs to know which customers need the most attention. It would require a combination of properties as seen below, leveraging the AND-OR of a list to get the proper collection of which companies management needs to direct resources towards.


I feel as though giving the same options of a Static or Active list but simply showing Companies would be greatly helpful to many people who deal with a more Account management driven practices, rather than dealing with individual Contacts.


My example:

The company property "Check-In Frequency" is equal to any of "Actively Engaged", "Quarterly", or "Bi-Annually".
The company property "Lifecycle stage" is equal to "Customer".


The company property "Lifecycle stage" is equal to "Customer".
The company property "Check-In Frequency" is equal to "Annually".
The company property "Company Health" is equal to any of "Poor" or "Fair".


Now, without this OR statement, we would need multiple reports or a complex workflow.

PLEASE UPVOTE and feel free to talk with me with questions or comments!

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Can we please get this!


I always make lists of contacts using the enrollment criteria I plan to use for a workflow before I run it to better be able to spot check that I am enrolling all of the people that I think I am and none of the people that I am not. I cannot do this currently for companies in the same way without the ability to use list functionality for companies. 


I wholehartedly agree here there needs to be the ability to do lists based on Company as all of our clients are B2B relationships we need to ensure the records are clean.


I was going to make my own post on this but since this is here just adding to it. Below is a video i put together.


Quite simplier, I would like to create a list of contact who work for a company  given a company property - I have created a "Type" prop for company for my segmentation.

That sounds really simple and must-have !


I need this! I sell tickets, and i must exclude all the companies which already bought. I cant risk talk to a contact that works in a company which already bought a ticket.


Yes, I agree. We are a membership organisation and want to find member companies with low engagement based on example, no users with e-mail openings. Please HubSpot, Make Lists for Companies, with the same functionality as Lists for contacts.