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Company Lifecycle Funnel report

Should be able to make a 'Company Lifecycle Funnel' widget with conversion rates between each Lifecycle stage (see 'Contact Lifecycle Funnel' widget for example).

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September 01, 2022 12:26 PM

Hi, @V-Marketer! We don't have a tag for "in deveopment" but I wanted to clarify that "being reviewed" is about the closest tag we have for that.


We are actively rebuilding our funnel builder framework. This will eventually allow you to create company lifecycle funnels, ticket funnels, and to "set" moving through a stage as optional.


We are taking an interative approach to this and will update this idea when we are in beta.

Being Reviewed
April 14, 2020 12:26 PM

Thank you all for the input and for sharing specific use cases. The product team is currently reviewing this concept as we look to improve funnel reporting functionality in 2020. In the meantime, please don't hesitate to share additional use cases for company lifecycle funnels or other company-focused funnels. We will update the Idea status as soon as we know more. 

Not Currently Planned
April 13, 2020 02:01 PM

Hi everyone,


My name is Davis and I'm a product manager for the marketing reporting team here at HubSpot.


This is on our radar but there are not currently plans to build this feature. We will update you all if this changes.




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 I think this is an important missing report.


If 50% of my companies only have 1 contact, 25% have 2+ and 25% have 7+


The contacts funnel is not an accurate representation of the qty of companies progressing through the funnel (when viewing a contacts funnel)


Totally agree with this idea.  I need this report!! Monitoring it at a contact level is too misleading for our business, has to be done at a company level to be meaningful.


Desperately need this report. Without it you're a B2C-only tool. Don't forget your B2B users!




+1 here. As a SaaS company, we're interest in the amount of leads that activate because of personal effort vs no personal effort. Hence why we assign the SQL stage to a company as long as there are no properties filled in that indicate personal contact. Once those properties are filled in, by using workflows a SQL becomes an opportunity. As much as I like sales, margin-wise the lead that activates without any effort is the best one of course.


This report will help us monitoring growth regardig the ideal lead, and also monitor accountmanagers which are lucky vs those who actually put in lots of effort 🙂


We're in B2B and need to track company progression. It's surprising to see that this report is still not available. Please add it


I can't believe its been two years since this idea was suggested and they still haven't added it. This would be incredibly useful in creating reports and was one of the first things we realized was missing when using the reporting feature. Please add this ASAP!




Yes! Totally need this - as a B2B company trying to move to an ABM strategy, this report is so needed. For B2B, using Contacts doesn't work as there are multiple contacts from each company and would skew the numbers high and not an accurate measurement for showing true amount of business. Also, using deals won't work because MQLs don't always result in a deal. 




I look forward to this feature on my end too. Anyone has a workaround? 


Thank you,


Without this report, I will have to ask my company why we use HubSpot. There is no rational B2B tracking or reporting, having spent the last week trying to figure it out, only to get roadblocked at the funnel report built around (of all things) e-mails!


Ugh -- oh, and btw -- when I export the data to view it and manipulate it (so as to pull out the multiple people attached to a single account) it doesn't even export the e-mail! So the exported data only has first name, last name, create date and lifecycle stage! Unuseable. Ugh. I will have to run 3 reports: 1 for MQL, 1 for SQL and 1 for Opportunities, and merge and de-dupe outside of Hubspot. Yuck and Boo!


I will never understand why Hubspot releases functionality randomly on different tools and has no continuity in functionality across the product. This one seems like a no-brainer to have been included for companies when it already exists on contacts and deals. 


Yes, we totally need this as a B2B company!!


Has there been any movement on this idea? This is a MUST for a company with an ABM approach.


A potential workaround - although very annoying to do - is to select one contact per company/account to act as an indicator of the company's progression in the funnel. 



Is there an update on this, please? Has this been put into development?

The funnel reporting doesn't work very well on contacts, as this duplicates more than one contact per company, giving a very skewed report.


Please help.


Many thanks




As a B2B company, this is very important for us. Sometimes there isn't always a contact associated with a company or deal and so it skews the contact reporting. For example, it says this year we only had 13 opportunities which is far from accurate. 


As a B2B company, we absolutely need this report. I noticed this idea was posted over 2 years ago, is there any update on when this will be developed?




This is 100% mandatory for B2B companies. Without it, we need to create reports manually outside of Hubspot. When are you going to better serve B2B companies if you sell to them?


Hi. We are contemplating going back to Salesforce due to the lack of B2B functionality in HS. Before we make that painful move, does anyone know of a good BI platform that we could export to and create this report ourtside of HS?