Company Lifecycle Funnel report


Should be able to make a 'Company Lifecycle Funnel' widget with conversion rates between each Lifecycle stage (see 'Contact Lifecycle Funnel' widget for example).

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Desperate for this as a SaaS business!


Yes please, this is a very necessary report! Any news on the release date?

Is there any development going on for reports on 'became a lead/MQL/SQL/OPP date' properties for companies as well?  This is very much needed.


Cannot really understand why we cannot simply count a companies journey with us!  If a company has 5 contacts (from the floor sweeper to the GM) we do not want to count x5 lifecycle changes.  It is one entity that orders from us not 5 and it's called a company.


PLEASE can these comments be reflected in upgrades.


And have a great day 🙂



This feature is also absolutely vital for us to do our reporting as we can't work on a contact level because there are multiple contacts per company.
It baffles me that this doesn't exist as it is, why does a company object exist in the first place if reporting on it is so limited.


I'll like to add to that great idea! Maybe it would be good also to add the feature to filter the report with "Lead Status" instead of just "Lifecycle stage"


Yes, it's an important requirement for our company also (we are a B2B SaaS) . Especially when we focus on ABM, multiple contacts of same company is regular use-case and contacts funnel is not showing right conversion rates here.


Hubspot is almost useless from a reporting perspective without this report. We are B2B, sometimes we work with 1 contact sometimes many, it doesnt really matter that much to our sales team. When they convert to a customer, we pull in all the names associated with licenses bought. Making this report at the contact level useless.  How can we possibly know what we are converting without this report!


I think I created a bit of a hack tonight and it sort of works if anyone else finds this useful!

Some background:


We use Lifecycle stages AND lead statues.  So if an inbound lead comes in, it would have the Lifecycle stage of LEAD and the Lead Status of Lead:New.  When sales qualifies it, and makes a deal, the Lifecycle stage changes to Opportunity but the lead status stays the same.


We also have buckets of older prospects who used to be in our pipeline but didnt move forward.  They have the Lead Status of "Lost Deal'.  Same thing, if sales is reaching out to them and gets them re-interested they create a Deal so they become an OPP but the lead status is still LOST Deal.  Same if they all become a Customer- Lead Status is still there.


I really need to see so many reports at the company level that just arent avail in HS.  Like how do I know which companies had which journey?  Were they inbound or outbound? Were they an older lead we brought back to life or a new one we prospected or a new one that was inbound? etc.  No dice in HS!


But I found a report in HS called Closed Company by Recent Conversion...but needed to make it work for me...


So I did this:


First, I Created a custom Property Called "Tag" (I really miss the ability to just create random tags and pull reports on those!).

I made it a multiple checkbox form and added a new tag called "inbound"


I adjusted my INBOUND workflows (forms, etc) to add a step that it will Set Company Property "TAG" to add "inbound". That means that all my INBOUND leads now will have that box checked off at the company level.


I went back to that HS report. I removed the Recent Conversion (I dont care about that). I added also Lead Status, Company Owner, Tag and Number of Times Contacted.


Set it to rolling 30 days.


Now what I have is a report at the company level of all the companies we have WON, where i can filter if they were inbound or outound AND because I can see the lead status I know their journey (Lost Deal, New) etc. Plus I can see how any activities it took by each of those fields too.


I hope that is not too confusing but I Think it might work, with a little bit of effort on my end..something better than nothing!





This is an essential report for many of the reasons listed. For B2B and B2B2C companies, reporting is extremely limited.


This is further compounded by the fact that I can't copy date values between contact records and company records, to help understand the flow through the funnel across record types. We're being forced to reconsider Salesforce due to the major limitations on B2B reporting.


Indeed, this would be extremely important and prevent people from going to Salesforce.


Would really love to see this funnel. Just need to be able to do it for Companies instead of just Contacts and Deals. TIA 🙂


Giving this another comment b/c it's important 🙂 


How does everyone track their company-level conversion rates right now? Without the funnel report, we're just exporting our data and manually creating the reports in excel. But I'm wondering if anyone has come up with an easier solution?


Again, a very simple yet extremely vital report to get "actionable insights" rather than some gibberish data summarization – yet still missing all this time.


Account level funnel is very vital for B2B business that have complex selling processes with buying parties of varying sizes. Tracking contact level funnal doesn't make any sense in those cases since you don't really convert contacts BUT accounts.


I'm having serious difficulties in understanding how such essential and simple requirements are missing on the platform that actually provides enterprise level services. To be completely blunt, HubSpot – as it is right now – still seems to be a CRM solution for simple digital businesses. It's more useful to manage your digital channels and digital acquisition than using it in actual, complex SalesOps.


I can't agree more with this idea, it is absolutely vital for our B2B funnel analysis for accurate insights generation. Please roll it out ASAP!

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Is there an update on this? HubSpot said they were planning for new reports in 2020. It is almost end of year. 🤞


Seriously. YET ANOTHER super simple reporting and visibility tools that HubSpot STILL DOES NOT HAVE YEARS LATER.


Especially now that Salesforce bought Slack, I can't wait to recommend to my company to migrate off HubSpot and to Salesforce. This platform continues to disappoint on any kind of advanced visibility/analytics functionality.


(Fun fact: You STILL can not simply say "show me all emails sent, show me the open rate of those emails" type insight. Unbelievable.)


omg yes. 


I spend hours exporting data and building something that can be reviewed by stakeholders - they will not accept contact funnels. I NEED THIS REPORT!


Adding my vote.  We are B2B SaaS, and need to be able to look at conversion at the company level.