Company Lifecycle Funnel report


Should be able to make a 'Company Lifecycle Funnel' widget with conversion rates between each Lifecycle stage (see 'Contact Lifecycle Funnel' widget for example).

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 @ap976 but how do you do that?


We're in desperate need for this as well! 


In almost any B2B environment there are more people involved in a deal and as soon as this happens, the Contact Funnel Report doesn't work anymore, because you basically start adding multiple people from the same company in the funnel report. 


Can't be that hard to build, right? 


This is a huge issue with our company in respect to Hubspot, all info should be under company since we work with companies and individuals change 


Couldn't agree more! This report is crucial to B2B companies wanting to forecast sales and is forcing us to have our sales reps manually filter out and tally up how many companies they have in each life cycle stage.


The contact life cycle funnel is essentially exactly what we need but for the wrong property... If it was possible to use that same set up and just swap out the fields it would be great!



For reference to all on the thread - I had Hubspot support build me a custom dashboard report here. Its not 100% but its at least company by lifecycle. Some work still to do to accomodate B2B though.


Is this Idea already being processed?

Would be very helpful


Definitely needed.


As a lead generation tool it makes perfect sense to have things on a contact level but as a CRM tool it should work also on the company level. In our business we work with companies where people change. We would like to have as much functionality a contact has on the company level. 


I can't believe there's no option for a B2B report! At first, I thought I was doing something wrong.

Please, do something about this, we can't properly track our marketing efforts.





We are a B2B company and having a company-based Lifecycle Stage funnel report is essential.


We're on the same situation. As many already said, this is extremely needed for B2B companies.


I set out to solve this problem thinking it was just something I was missing in the interface... Now i've seen 2 years+ of requests being ignored by people in the same boat i'm wondering why this platform is sold to B2B businesses! Absolutely gobsmacked!


We're a B2B company as well and need that tool urgently! Please do something asap.

You know about  that for 2 years already and haven't fixed it?? Why????

Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
HubSpot Product Team

Hi everyone,


My name is Davis and I'm a product manager for the marketing reporting team here at HubSpot.


This is on our radar but there are not currently plans to build this feature. We will update you all if this changes.





This is essential for us as a B2B company.  In fact, I spent a heap of time trying to find it as I had trouble believing such a report didn't exist.


I'm wondering how Hubspot itself manages to analyse how companies are moving through their own funnel !

Are they even using their own tool ? Because either they don't, or they do but their stats s*%+  !


@dmastin How do you manage this internally ?

Status updated to: Being Reviewed
HubSpot Product Team

Thank you all for the input and for sharing specific use cases. The product team is currently reviewing this concept as we look to improve funnel reporting functionality in 2020. In the meantime, please don't hesitate to share additional use cases for company lifecycle funnels or other company-focused funnels. We will update the Idea status as soon as we know more. 


We need this in order to work account centric.


"This is on our radar but there are not currently plans to build this feature. We will update you all if this changes." posted on Monday by @dmastin 


"The product team is currently reviewing this concept as we look to improve funnel reporting functionality in 2020." posted on Tuesday by @mgriffith 


Look... if you sell to companies, you probably have more than 1 person involved in a sales cycle, so funnel reporting based on a contact DOES NOT MAKE SENSE... 

Please check how much of Hubspot's users are B2C versus B2B, and you'll see how big the need actually is! You can probably even charge more to unlock this feature (but please don't) as there are so many users out there that really need this! 

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+1, totally need this as we are in B2B marketing and typical deal will have 2 or more contacts from the same company.
Contacts based funnel report will bloat up the numbers. We need to 
accurately track MQL-SQL-Opportunity by company.