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We like that HubSpot creates a Company ID when importing a company and we would like to use that Company ID. But to use it, we have to import our customers (Companies), then export to see the ID, then import again with a created field we named Customer Number. As the system already creates the number why not have the option to show it instead of having to go through this long process to see something that's already created and there?

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yes i agree or that it take our customer Nr, i can put a manual field with customer Nr but everytime i try to actualise data it create me dupplicate of the companies because it not recogniz our Nr as a compagny ID

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completely agree !! we need this tooo!!!

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Having the Company ID (and even contact, deal, and ticket ID's on those objects) display in the list of properties for that record would be very helpful, especially in one-off record association situations (e.g. contact has a public email domain that doesn't match the company's domain).  I'm not sure why that isn't exposed now.