Company/Deal fields in forms

My company consults with other companies on a B2B basis for training their staff, we build a company profile and an organisational needs analysis (ONA) for those companies to identify their training needs.


What I find strange is that we can only create forms with contact property fields and not company fields (Deal fields too). A contact record does not need a "Total company wage bill" property for example, but I'm forced to create one in order to copy the property over to the company record using a workflow. See:


I'd like the ability to add company fields into a form, to bypass the need to create unnecessary workflows and contact properties. I could see a use for deal fields too as a way to collect order information


(I'd be surprised if I was the first person to suggest this idea, but I couldn't find any related posts around the subject. Let me know if this is a duplicate)

EDIT: Deals and other objects should really be involved in here as well, with the Custom Objects beta coming into play, this is worth discussing too!


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Sooo cant wait for this option to be available. We have been creating workflows for all our clients to solve this issue for years!

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@JoeMayall Do you please have an update for this feature? 

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This is very important for us. Please do it fast. 

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Yep this is a must! 

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I guess I just don't see any reason not to enable this feature.  There are plenty of reasons I would want someone to fill out information about a company, not just about themselves, so why wouldn't I have. form that enables someone to fill out info about the company?

Status updated to: In Beta
HubSpot Product Team

Hi team, I have some good news to share here, we now have a new beta of the Forms app that includes the ability to add Company properties to your forms and collect/create company information via your externally embedded, or CMS embedded forms on HubSpot. 


If you're interested in trying out this beta please submit your HubSpot Portal IDs here: and we'll add the beta to your portal within 1 business day. 


Please note: This beta doesn't currently include the ability to add Deal properties to HubSpot forms, we are evaluating ways to introduce support for Deals in the future.

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Dear HubSpot developpers,


could you please tell us when are you going to configure this important property to our Forms?

May thanks!

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Just realized that the beta helps a lot when it comes to website forms but the functionality to use Companies Properties is NOT yet available for Meeting Links questions (lots of contacts are created this way). 

This limits the functionality by about 200% for us. Maybe an idea to implement this change there too?


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Beta is looking great, thanks. 

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Re Beta So how do we actually link the forms to a company?


Use case for this is our sales team creating a 'Company Plan' for target accounts and filling in whitespace in the data against a company e.g Revenue, Industry etc.


We wanted to use a form as its nice and easy, all the information we want to collect in one place and no diving around in the 'back end' of company records.


I've tried using an associated contact email address attached to the company.


1. contact email field

2. a long list company fields that we want to update


It just created a new company.


We dont have domain names on all our records so I cant use that.


I dont seem to have a foolproof way to link a form to a company unless I am missing something.