Company, Deal and Contact filter for API


David Mayor's idea:

I have checked these three API docs

But I'd like to have an additional feature in which I can filter objects based on parameters as in HubSpot. For instance, when bringing up contacts, I'd like to be able to create a filter based on criteria such as Contact Owner or Team, to get only this owner's contacts, not the whole list.

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First thanks David for posting the idea.


For the first 100 persons that will upvote the idea, send me a direct message and I will give you access to our platform(Alice) for free for a year!


There are multiple reasons why this is a good idea, but here is a basic use case.


Let say we have 5000 deals in the CRM.

And I'm the owner of only 100 of them.


By using the Deal API, if I want to only get my deals,  I need to fetch all of them and filter on the client side.

If we do not modify the number of retreive deals per request. It will take 50 requests instead of one.

We can minimize the impact, by setting the numbers of deals fetch by request to 250...but this is still 20 requests.


The immediate impact is performance on the client side and It also cause lot of network traffic for...only 100 deals at the end!

This is not good from a client implementation perspective and I think reducing network traffic from hubspot perspective can be also a good thing.


From an API limits perspective we are conssuming more than really needed requests.


You are right ....When creating a deal we choose a company but then get the full list of all contacts in the CRM? Once we choose a company it should restrict to only related contacts for the company