[Community Form Idea] Include instructions for posting with every new post!



Who (what type of role or team) is the feature for? -- Everyone who answers questions in the community.
What is their goal? -- To more efficiently respond to queries with less back-n-forth.
What value will this add? -- Helps guide new users and saves time.
Are there examples of other places or products who have this feature? -- Unknown.
Screenshots, pictures, drawings, process diagrams, are helpful. (above)

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cc: 'the guys'

Community Manager
Community Manager
updated to: In Planning

Great ideas/feedback @MFrankJohnson , and this is absolutely something that is In Planning.

Community Thought Leader

Excellent @roisinkirby. Kinda figured you guys were working on it. But there are sooo many open HubSpot projects we thought it best to doc here where others could upvote too. Dunno how you keep up with it all, but thanks again for your help.




That noise you hear is "the guys" doing a HubSpot happy dance about this announcement. Smiley Happy