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Comments should automatically show up on tickets section of contact records

Conversations should automatically be copied from the conversations thread in Inboxes to the Contact Record and Ticket as a note.

Comments made in tickets don't show up outside of the inboxes, so once a conversation is closed, it's like they disappear.
For example, my colleague and I commented once each in an inbox conversation, but when I go into the contact record and click into the same ticket, I can't see our comments.
This stilts communication for the sales team if those comments disappear. 

The barrier to smooth communications is high on this: in order to add a note to the ticket, I would currently have to open the ticket and add the note by clicking the 'Note' button in the right sidebar, or by clicking into the notes tab at the center-top of the activity feed, rather than making notes that are seamlessly visible across HubSpot. 
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Very important to me, to see all informations of the conversation also in the contact/company/deal/ticket!

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Showing the "internal" comments in the Ticket associated with the conversation is a must! 

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I fully support this too. So many times, I miss important info because the comments are minimised by default.


So important - why bother making notes if they disappear into the vast nothingness of the inbox.