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Comments in Associated Jira Ticket Should Prompt Notification to Owner / Followers

There should be a Jira comment property like last jira comment or something that would be updated and could be used [either automatically or in a workflow using the property] to inform a someone watching a Hubspot ticket that a comment had occurred in the Jira associated. 

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Totally agree on this Idea, with the idea owner. Since HubSpot have an integration with Atlassian, and Jira projects specifically, users expect to receive notifications whenever the data transfers between systems.

Right now Atlassian-Jira have the capabilities to aggregate Ticket Notes and store it in the Comments section. There is a proper filed type with possibilities to edit, delete and share the specified comment. Please feel free to look at the attached screenshot.




Please be kind to let us know if the next changes could be implemented:

1. Automatic synchronization of the hubspot tickets and jira issues. Right now it is a hurtfull mistake to forget to start syncing the tickets><issues. Isn't it an obvious solution to start synchronizing the systems right after they have been associated? Please consider changing the paradigm of immediate synchronization rather than creating an additional step for users to manually start syncing.


2. Tickets do not recognize "Issue-comment" as a "Ticket-note" property. Integral part of the connecting of two systems is to be able to notify respectful ticket\issue owners about the update in the system they are using. This is a massive data fall out in the companies flows. When one department has information crucial for the other department, it is absolutely crucial to follow up people inside their own CRM (or task-management system) on the new information.


Since the HubSpot priority have always been to provide the best services and account users preferences, this particular solutionsa would be a proof of hearing of our voices.


Thank you upfront for developing so many wonderful solutions, and creating a safe space to let users set their needs.