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Morning Hubspot, having recently moved over to the platform permanently recently. I am incredibly disappointed by the iOS app. The web experience on a mobile is not much better. 
If a member of my team leaves a comment on a note at company or deal level. You send me a no reply email with the comment. However on clicking the comment, I am taken into the iOS app where I cannot see the comment. 
There is no connected thread on email between comment and response. And the user experience when mobile means, I have to log in to app.hubspot where the experience is not ideal on a mobile to find the comments. PLEASE Fix this. 

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Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
HubSpot Product Team

Hey folks,


I've been in contact with our product team about this and wanted to provide a quick update.


Our iOS and Android apps are developed by the same team at the same time. Our ambition is for the apps to work in the same way, but that isn't always possible as Android and iOS have different operating systems. At the moment, Android is ahead of iOS on the release schedule. This means Android users will tend to have the latest designs and features. iOS users can look to the Android app for what will be available to them in the future. We're working to reduce the time between Android and iOS releases, but for the foreseeable future, there will continue to be a gap.





Hi, sometimes i am very surprised about hubspot way of work. YOU CAN SAY "THE COMMENTS IN THE IOS APP ARE NOT VISIBLE" and finish.



I was told this idea was in the works for iOS however this states the feature is not planned. Can we get at 2021 update please?