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Hi, I have two deals which were working in parallel with each other but as time has passed, they have merged on the client side. Now this has happened, I wish to merge the data of both deals. I am hoping there is a way to do this without having to go through a cut and paste exercise as there is over a year worth of data in each deal. Can this be done or not? any help would be appreciated.
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Hello @Ads at this time it is not possible to merge to deal records. With that said, you can vote for the feature request here and comment with your use case. 


In the meantime I'd reccommend removing one deal, and updating the properties of the other. You can add notes to the company record for context. 

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It's STUPID you can't do this.  I can't say anything else other than - this is a friggen sales App for #$^% sake - and we merge deals all the time!  What are you guys doing?  This has been lurking on this board forever as a serious issue.

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Hubspot Sales really, REALLY **bleep**!
You don't actually seem to even care about that...

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Can we PLEASE get a look at this? It's a major issue causing unecessary headaches for so many clients. 

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This would be hugely helpful. We do our best to keep on top of deal creation but there are always the odd anomaly that pops through as a duplicate for one reason or another. Since you can merge companies, contacts, etc., not sure why this option wouldn't be available.

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Yes, also need this. not sure how its not an option.

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We really need this as well. @HubSpot, we'd really appreciate it if you added this functionality! 

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need it! pls do it! people ask for it.

glitch happened for no reason creating two deal os same nature and contacts