Combining Contacts & Deals Workflows

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So we starting using more complicated workflows and came to realize that there are certain actions we cannot take on Workflows for deals such as: adding a branch and/if the deal opens an automated email but does not clicks...knowing this was possible on contacts workflows, we tried creating a workfflow with contact info and then linking to a workflow with deal info but, this was not possible either.

As contacts ultimately move to deals and automation might be needed for communication with clients at any stage (contact, company or deal), it'll be great to have all possible actions of workflows in each or allow for workflows (deals, contacts, companies) to be linked to each other.

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Related to this, I've seen that the current deal workflows can be difficult for customers if they have a lot of contacts associated with a deal - as they can't differentiate within the deal workflow itself.

So for example, a deal workflow is set up to send emails to the contact on the deal, but there could only be 1 "primary" contact and the rest are not supposed to receive this email for whatever reason. In this case a check of contact properties would help to filter the actions to the correct contacts, and allow the workflows to be much more flexible.