Combine workflow actions into a calendar view

I would like to view all of a fixed-date workflow's actions in a calendar view. Currently, to see when an upcoming action is scheduled to send, we must look individually at each workflow and find the action within that workflow.

I'd like to view a calendar of when workflow actions will occur, essentially re-organizing the workflow actions into a more easily-viewed format.

In addition, it would be great to add a feature to view ALL workflow action dates on a calendar, which amalgamates all the actions from all fixed-date workflows into a calendar format. Also offer the option to choose multiple workflows (instead of a single one or all).

With multiple workflows running, we are sending out many emails at different dates, and it's important to keep track of when these are going out without needing to track in Excel or to continually check each workflow.

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be able to click a calendar button on a workflow and see a number for each day on how many emails are being sent out. We are doing email nurture and have delays and it would be nice to view how many emails are going out each day.

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This is exactly what I am looking for! Great suggestion.

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 This is a great idea...we too really need this function.

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Yes, I would love this too! 

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