Combine and minify CSS/JS from require_css and require_js HubL tags

There are two different HubL Tags to enqueue either a style element or a script element in the head/footer of a page called require_js and require_css. Both of these are very useful, especially when trying to add in styles/JavaScript in the HTML pane of the custom module editor based on module field options. The only issue with these is that they add in a unique style element/script element in the head/footer of the page for each instance of the tag that is used on the page (e.g. see example below) rather than combining the code into one file and minifying the code, similar to what happens when adding CSS in the CSS pane of the custom module editor. 


Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 1.44.49 PM.png


It would be great if the CSS/JS for the require_css/require_js HubL tags combined with the rest of the CSS/JS on the page and was minified. 

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