Combine Round Robin and Group Meeting Booking


Looking for a way to for a rep to schedule a meeting while also adding someone (Round Robin) from another group of reps.

When I have an SDR/BDR book a meeting for an AE, they use a Round Robin link, so the availability is the AE's and the meeting gets "assigned to" the AE. This is great because meetings get automatically rotated between our AEs.


However, it also creates some issues:

  • The meeting will automatically be set with the AE and not the SDR, so then the SDR needs to have the AE add them manually to the calendar invite (which is a pain)
  • It is possible for the SDR to get double-booked
  • It's also not a great user experience; if an SDR is emailing back and forth with someone and that person books with an AE, then the prospect is confused why they are suddenly now meeting with someone else
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@ slepoidevin


You've struck gold again! How do you not have a standing meeting with the head of product yet?


As a Hubspot shareholder, this is concerning...


Love the idea! Thanks Sylvia for putting this out there.