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Color coding current paying clients

Hello- I would really enjoy a feature where you could simply color code an entire company/contact. This could either be just the name or the entire overview of the company/contact. What I want is to tell if a company/contact is a CURRENT customer- within 1 second of opening the company/contact. This would be wildly beneficial to my team as we have many paying customers mixed in with prospects. I do realize there is a "type" property as well as the ability to create new properties, but it would be harder to miss if there was a blatant color. Thank you for this consideration. 

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Taking this one step further, if there was a user definable variable (which would be the property) to trigger the highlight, it would make it more dynamic.  Alternatively, some means of highlighting if the company/contact has had a deal closed in X days, that would achieve a similar goal.


Yes this would be amazing, if i could hyperupvote 1 idea it would be this! 


I cam here today to submit this idea! Or have a banner across the top... anything to know that this is a current customer just by looking.