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Color Code the Deal Boards View

Submitted on behalf of a customer


It would be beneficial if the cards on the Deal Board view could be custom color-coded. This would help users organize their deal performance and understand it at a glance.


Other Deal Board customization can be found here:

HubSpot Updates
April 21, 2023 11:10 AM

Hi everyone, I wanted to share a recent update on Deal Tags.


You can now create deal tags that filter based on a property called "Is deal closed?" You can use this, to exclude filtering on closed deals. See here for more info.




April 05, 2023 01:37 PM

Hi @jj12stars, we're working on this, along with other enhancements. We wanted to get this out to everyone sooner than later, but rest assured, we will continue to iterate on it. 


In the meantime, users can collapse closed stages to hide them from their view.  

April 04, 2023 11:22 AM

👋 Hello community members,


As you probably know by now, we've fully released coloured deal tags. See here for more details.


We're currently working on extending coloured tags to other HubSpot defined objects as fast followers. 


As always, thanks for your feedback in helping us continuously improve your product experience. 



March 01, 2023 08:15 AM

@jj12stars, thanks for the additional feedback. That's interesting--I've noted this as well. Cheers!

February 28, 2023 03:01 PM

Hi @jj12stars, yes--it's in our plans to extend to other objects. We started with Deals for now.


Great feedback on how the tags appear on the board cards--I've noted all your feedback and appreciate it. 


Yes, any super admin user can change the order of the deal tags. In Deals > Pipelines Settings, navigate to the Deal Tags table, where you can drag and drop deal tags in whichever order you'd like. The order (from top to bottom) is what dictates the order of deal tags as they appear on a board card, when there are multiple tags on a card. Hope this helps!

February 28, 2023 02:57 PM

Hi @ABeian, thanks for your feedback! I had some of the same thoughts when we first started. 😄


We opted for an iterative approach, so we can get this exact type of feedback, in order to prioritize what's most important to users. We also wanted to balance getting something into the hands of our customers--folks like yourself. This way, you get to use the feature earlier, and can weigh in on how we can iterate on it. I've noted your feedback, and it will inform our next iterations that will follow.


Re: extending to other objects, not to worry--this is on our radar. We started with Deals and are only in beta right now. I absolutely see the value in extending to other objects and we plan to do so. 

February 27, 2023 11:06 AM

Hi @SMega, this feature is currently only available for the Deals object on Sales Hub Starter, Professional, and Enterprise plans.


If you're a super admin on one of the above plans and do not see the beta update, I'd suggest checking with our Support team. 

In Beta
February 27, 2023 10:25 AM

👋 Hello Community Members,


Our team has heard your feedback and developed a new feature to address this idea, called Deal Tags--in beta today! 


To join our beta, have a super admin user navigate in their HubSpot account to: Product Updates > Early Access > Betas > click "Join beta"

Once you're a part of our beta, super admins will have access to create new deal tags, which will appear on the board view. 


We look forward to hearing your collective feedback!


In Planning
February 06, 2023 01:33 PM

👋 Hello fellow Community Members!


I'm excited to share that we're working on this. 


We're looking to run a small early access group to provide feedback on the solution. If you're interested in participating, please sign up here.



  • Only available to super admins on a Starter, Professional, or Enterprise plan
  • Must be using Deal pipelines
  • Signing up for early access does not guarantee you'll be selected, but rest assured--the goal is to make this feature more widely available. 😊 

Being Reviewed
August 23, 2022 12:44 PM

👋Hello HubSpot community members!


Thank you for your feedback. We're in the process of exploring this idea and I've read through all the comments here.


I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the existing "Priority" property. Current options for this property (available on Deals and Tickets) are:

  • Low (green dot)
  • Medium (yellow dot)
  • High (red dot)

Has anyone tried using this property for colour-coding? What's working vs. what's missing?


Thank you again for sharing your feedback with us!


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This is essential, should be easy to develop and needs to happen ASAP.


This a must-have option for categorizing the Deals!!


This could be an interesting option to have.


Really important feature for Sales Teams!


WE NEED THIS. We'd like to have an overall rating in each of our pipelines that correspond with Red, Green, Yellow. Not to mention we would like to be able to reflect the deal board as we see fit. I'd like to see it sorted by something other than deal stages (forecast categories, maybe!?)


+1 Must have !


This has been requested multiple times for my management team!


+1 would be a great addition for the sales teams


Yes please! +1


Yes please!!!


I can't believe this doesn't exist already...


we'd like to see this for pipelines, in general. our support team would like to colorize priority support tickets in the service hub, as well.


we're currently also exploring creating a custom object that would display a red/yellow/green icon based on customer feedback on the contact and ticket records. since we use the feedback survey feature provided by feedback, the team was puzzled why that wasn't already displayed on tickets and/or customer records at a glance as opposed to reviewing it in the (somewhat busy) activity feed.




Would be so beneficial to have this and to be able to color-code rows as well in contacts (like you'd be able to on an Excel sheet)

Member | Platinum Partner

Would be amazing! I'm getting this question more often recently. 


I would also like to suggest that you enable 'greying out' deals taht are no longer active, or have been lost. They should still be on the board, as they are evidence of work done as well as past activity. But, by greying them out, they do not mingle with active deals. 


Really need this!  It should work similar to the Ticket priority except the badge shouldn't be a small circle - the whole banner of the card should be color coded! +100!!! I have 400 deals and need to prioritize my HOTHOTHOT leads


Cannot stress enough the importance of being able to color code deals. It is essential for any salesperson! Cannot believe its not in the system to this date.


This is critical for us. 


would be good to have!


+1 must have for us!  We are envisioning lots of ways to color code deals on a deal board and make sense of the data, especially when you have a lot of deals being tracked.