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Color Code the Deal Boards View

Submitted on behalf of a customer


It would be beneficial if the cards on the Deal Board view could be custom color-coded. This would help users organize their deal performance and understand it at a glance.


Other Deal Board customization can be found here:

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I don't know how this isn't a feature. Adding a Colour Code would enable us to see the different groupings each Deal Card is in. This is a MUST


+1 from us. This would be a huge help to identify what deals need attention. 


Is there any update from the DEV team on the status of this request? This would be a major upgrade for our team.


This would be very helpful to have a color code on the cards depending on a property.


This would be a real valuable feature. But not only for "deal cards." Also for contact cards, company cards, etc. 

The colour shopuld also be visible if you are in the deal/contact/company view to highliht a topic immediately when you enter the view.example cards.JPG


This is becoming more of a requirement for us from multiple teams. It would be super useful if this could be done.

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+1 I have a client who wants ths.


This will be very helpful if you have a big team which has to assist in different stages. 


I would very much like to see this happen. A simple RAG rating for "at risk" deals need colour to catch the attention of the team. 

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This would help a lot in so many cases: also field updatable via API would be nice!


This is a crucial feature and should be insitutued asap. It would help our team tremendously to be able to color code Deals!

for us this would be an essential thing. we want to color the deals after inactivity. so e.g. blue after 5 days inactive and red after 10 days.

This would be so helpful.  There are at least 5 different use cases where this would be amazing.  I could color code to denote different teams.  Color code to denote types of deals within a stage.  Color code to denote deals that are in trouble or need additional support.  Even color code to show what types of products/services are in each deal.  Each of these would be super helpful to get an idea at a glance of what is going on in the pipeline!

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Yes, this is very needed!


Yes!! We track red/yellow/green status and a color-coding option (even property text color) would be very helpful!


This is successfully working in other crm-systems. It is much easier to deal with colors not letters. Weird this system doesn't have such a customization yet. It's very comfortable and useful. It's one of the reasons I would better choose another crm. 


+1 This would be a huge bonus. Our sales team has been wanting this functionality for a long time. We can save different views, but being able to see it all in one sho with different colors representing different deal types/geographic regions would be a game changer!


When will they introduce this in Hubspot? It's a Must have option!

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👋Hello HubSpot community members!


Thank you for your feedback. We're in the process of exploring this idea and I've read through all the comments here.


I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the existing "Priority" property. Current options for this property (available on Deals and Tickets) are:

  • Low (green dot)
  • Medium (yellow dot)
  • High (red dot)

Has anyone tried using this property for colour-coding? What's working vs. what's missing?


Thank you again for sharing your feedback with us!



Hi @JeannieN


We did use the colored dots and just instructed our team that each designation actually meant something that is meaningful to us. So, red might have meant "digital" and green meant "static". This worked ok for the immediate team, but people outside this particular team did not always know what the designations meant.


So, what I would like to see is the ability to either color code the entire card, or continue with the dots, but fully customizable (color, number, and label).


I would also like to have this functionality available in our custom objects, which we use quite extensively. Not just deals and tickets, please!