Collapsable Activity Section & Date Filter

It would be really nice to be able to collapse entries in the activity section on each object so that I can get a glance at more activities rather than a massive scrollable list. 


Sometimes we can have hundreds of activities on an individual object, making it hard to locate specific entries or getting a feel for the overall scope of the relationship.


I don't always feel the need to see the complete details for all individual emails or meetings. If I wanted to see the details, I could decollapse the activity and find the relevant information.


Automatically starting with a collapsed view would give me a larger quantity of activities, allowing me to find what I'm looking for much more efficiently. Simply having the title of the activity, date, and the activity type would be sufficient.


You could always have a "decollapse all" button if I cared to scroll through the activities like a timeline.


Also having a date function in the filter options would help me sort out activities of interest. For example: Show me activities from Date X to Date Y. If the relationship goes back many years, it can take forever to scroll through the activity log.

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This would be amazing! Very similar to how other platforms, such as Gmail, have the option to use "minimal" views that help make it easier to scan through important information rather than displaying all content for each article listed.