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Collapsable Activity Section & Date Filter

It would be really nice to be able to collapse entries in the activity section on each object so that I can get a glance at more activities rather than a massive scrollable list. 


Sometimes we can have hundreds of activities on an individual object, making it hard to locate specific entries or getting a feel for the overall scope of the relationship.


I don't always feel the need to see the complete details for all individual emails or meetings. If I wanted to see the details, I could decollapse the activity and find the relevant information.


Automatically starting with a collapsed view would give me a larger quantity of activities, allowing me to find what I'm looking for much more efficiently. Simply having the title of the activity, date, and the activity type would be sufficient.


You could always have a "decollapse all" button if I cared to scroll through the activities like a timeline.


Also having a date function in the filter options would help me sort out activities of interest. For example: Show me activities from Date X to Date Y. If the relationship goes back many years, it can take forever to scroll through the activity log.

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This would be amazing! Very similar to how other platforms, such as Gmail, have the option to use "minimal" views that help make it easier to scan through important information rather than displaying all content for each article listed. 


AGREED!  We would love two options for viewing teh activity thread on a contact or company. If we had two simple buttons to toggle between view choices... I'd love to see:

1. CARD VIEW - currently the ONLY view of activities (I call it the CARD VIEW) where it gives a card and preview info

2. LIST VIEW - almost like a spreadsheet where it would just show collapsed ROWS in columns. Then we could click on any of them to expand it to the card.


It would be like some online apps give you "CARD VIEW" and "LIST VIEW" or like Google mail gives you ability to look at a "CONDENSED" view of all your emails.


With all the activities, this would be GREAT for quickly getting a look at the past several activities WITHOUT scrolling.


Thank you!


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Our team is currently working on making timeline activities collapsible. We are also looking in to filtering activities by a date range. Feel free to send me a DM if you would like to enroll your portal in either Beta!


@Anonymous I would ABSOLUTELY be interested in this Beta.  Thanks.

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Thank you for your input everyone and apologies for the radio silence on this thread. We shipped collapsible activities in May 2021. We investigated filtering the timeline by date range but unfortunately due to our current architecture, filtering the timeline by date will not be possible to implement in a desireable way.


We will keep this idea in mind as we continue to evolve the timeline and its filtering but I am going to mark this as not currently planned for the time being. Thank you again for sharing this idea with us!


We would also really appreciate such an additional feature.

It would also be helpful if you can add a title for each Activity (for example: "negotitaion with customer XY" or "PO received", ...).

With such a title it is also easy to scroll though all activities in a fast way.

We had this in our former CRM System and we are missing this function.

The benefit of that is that you really have a quick overview about the activities and easy find some entrys.

Also the mentioned sorting function is helpful (for example if you can filter by date, person who created the activity, customized fields, etc.)


This looked in our former CRM like this (but we did not have such a nice "expand all"-function as we have in hubspot :)):

(It is in German but I think you can imagine. And the blue color was just to hide the data).








I see you say you shipped "collapsible" activities in 2021. Was this beta or a full release? How was it collapsed? Can you make a collapse for months/years? I see they are already broken out by year and month. If I could collapse a whole year at a time it would be much more workable.

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Hi @slocknar! We realesed collapsible activities to all portals in May 2021. The idea is that you can collapse each individual activity or expand/collapse all activities for quicker scrolling through a record. The collapsed activity shows a preview of the activity.


We do not currently have any plans to allow collapsing of entire months or years. How many years of data are you typically navigating through and in what scenarios are you looking at activity older than a year?

We have only had Hubspot for a couple of years, but I was trying to do a
history of one of our recent customers and couldn't even get back to the
beginning: mid-2020 (scrolling stopped working on me). Even for a single
deal, we work with researchers so the deals can take well over a year to
close and can involve a lot of back and forth.

We have a similar feedback from our sales. They say it is not so easy to browse through the single activities. They say, it would help to give each Activity a "headline" and colapse the activities even more so they see more "headlines" on one page. But also your feedback, @slocknar , they would underline. It is not so easy to browse quickly though the (long) history.

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Thank you! If scrolling was faster or smoother, would you still want the ability to collapse time periods?


For the "headline" what would you like to see included there? One challenge we had when making activities collapsable was giving customers enough data so they knew that was the particular activity they wanted to expand and dive into more deeply so we added more preview text for additional context.




Thanks Kevin. I understand your point.

If scrolling was faster this may alreday help alot.



It would be great if there was an option at the top where is says expand all/ collapse all if the was an option to uncollapse all Comments. When scanning through it is so easy to miss important notes in the comments because you have to select each one to expand individually.