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Collaborating on an email draft

We are collaborating on emails in a distributed team and it happens now and then that two team members accidentaly open the draft simultaniously without noticing and then one of them is not able to save their progress. 


Is it possible to add a feature, e.g. a pop-up that warns the user that the draft is already in progress and to come back later? 


It is common sense to inform the team when opening a draft but humans make mistakes Emoticono feliz This warning already exists when working in HS web pages so there probably is a use case worth considering.

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CraigBailey Regular Contributor | Silver Partner
Regular Contributor | Silver Partner

This would be really handy.

Although it is rare with our clients (since there's usually only one person assigned to prepare an email), it is super frustrating for them when it happens (ie when they get blocked from saving).