Co-workers at Same Location get automatically merged into the same Contact

If I have 2 or more individuals at the same location with the same IP address or cookies, and they submit a web form or send us an email, they automatically get merged into ONE contact rather than 2 separate contacts based on their unique Email address.  While I understand the purpose of is very frustrating because:


1.  We don't know that they have been merged until we are trying to send out a follow-up email and trying to figure out why John Brown's email Contact Name says Mary Smith.


2.  There is no way to separate the history.  So Mary Smith's information gets combined with John Browns.


3.  Imagine a situation where we are dealing with 40 students or professors at the same University??  We have to deal with each one as individuals. This makes Hubspot not very scaleable when a single location has multiple contacts. 


There has to be a better way!


Provide notification that this situation is occurring so that we can determine whether to merge email addresses into one contact (e.g., a person has a home and work email address).


PS>  I'm pretty sure I already submitted this idea...but it is not showing up anywhere.  Did it get deleted?



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We have the same problem. 

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I too have the same issue. We tend to have admins ordering courses for their staff so they will likely order from the same device and ip, often for multiple people under a single order. This HubSpot "feature" then merges the purchaser (admin) and all of the attendees (staff) into a single contact record. This is not useful at all. It would be nice if somehow this was a turn on/off feature or yes, at minimum provide an alert that this merge took place.

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Hi Guys, just an update on our end on this one too, if a merge or a form submissison is done on the same computer 40 times,  it would be great to get a noteification, or be ab le to see a list of people that have been merged, or more than 1 email address so then the relevate action can be taken. Thanks 

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Hey there, this is a huge pain for one of my clients as well. They're also working with universities where dozens of people might have the same IP address when signing up via a form. Is there a way to simply turn off the "recognized IP and merge contacts" functionality? Thanks! 

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Follow-Up: I just found two other forum discussion that might have a workaround solution for these issues:
Here and here.