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Close inactive Live Chats after 5 minutes of no activity

We would like "finished" chats to automatically be marked as closed, so that if the same user comes back later the same day (for example), they would need to start a new chat. We would like the chat to automatically close after, say, 5 minutes of no activity.


This feature is for sales reps who respond to live chats. The use case is when the person they are chatting with leaves the conversation but comes back later the same day. The system treats it as a continuation of the same chat.


But the specific sales rep they were chatting with may no longer be available hours later. So we would like inactive chats like this to be closed automatically, to ensure that a returning user like this is treated as a new chat.


The goal is to make sure that the chat with the returning user does not slip through the cracks and get lost.


Thank you for considering this idea for Live Chat.

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This will be helpful so the visitor isn't waiting for a long period of time and they will have better experience. 


That's a great idea


MAKE THIS HAPPEN! It's such a simple thing, but so needed. We're finding we're losing a lot of prospects due to being unable to show them we're actually unavailable. An automatic message after 5 mins to say "nobody is available right now" would seriously help!


3rding or 4thing this idea.  It should be customizable though.  5 minutes isn't going to be long enough for us.