Cloning a Deal

Need to be able to clone an individual deal. This is helpful for recurring revenue organizations and building MRR. Please! Smiley Happy


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Aug 6, 2020

Hello HubSpot community, 

Thank you for your continued input on this idea. As I mentioned in a previous post, saving reps time is squarely in the realm of things we are thinking about on the HubSpot Product Team. 

To help us continue to deliver a product that helps your business grow better, could you answer this 3 question (only 1 required) survey about your detailed needs for cloning deals? 

Thank you in advance! 

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Jun 11, 2020

Hi HubSpot Community,


I'm updating the status of this thread to reflect Dylan's comment.




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Jun 11, 2020

Hello HubSpot community, Smiley Happy 

Thank you all for your continued input on this idea. I'm a product manager on our CRM team and wanted to provide you all with a status update here as the status of this issue is a bit complicated.

For starters, @JoeMayall recently made an update to the core idea. There was a technical error on our end that increased the number of votes on this issue by about 300.

When it comes to cloning deals, we hear you! We've been steadily looking into all of the context provided here and its clear there is product pain in a few areas.

Recurring revenue - the ability for HubSpot to support a recurring revenue model can be painful due to the fact that deals need to be re-created month over month, or quarter over quarter.

Saving reps time - sometimes deals are created that are very similar to a previous deal and the rep creating the deal wants to use the same data. Re-typing this data is inefficient.

Regarding recurring revenue: We're currently working on several aspects of the product that will help recurring revenue models. This includes invoices, reports, and even forecasting.

Regarding saving reps time: Our entire product is shaped to help you grow better. When reps are doing duplicative tasks, this slows you down and hurts growth. However, different businesses have different needs around "cloning". Some want just the deal name, others want the same deal amount, others want to copy the entire contents of the deal (including activities and emails), some want the deal to be included in the same reports as other deals. Since there are such vast requirements amongst our user base - this would inherently create the need for "settings" to allow admins to choose exactly how a deal cloning would work.

Both of these things are goals that we have our eye on. The problems that are expressed here are likely to be solved in many ways. There is not a "clone deal" silver bullet. We plan on working continually towards solving all of this pain, every day. However, at this time we do not have immediate plans to build or launch a "clone deal" button and have our energy focused on solving other problems that help our customers grow better.

Mar 16, 2020

Hello HubSpot community, 

When combing through this idea, there are 2 main themes. One of them is to clone the contents of one deal to create another, the second is to merge two existing deals together. 

For those interested in merging two existing deals together, I'm excited to let you know that we've heard your feedback and have launched the ability to merge deals. Here is a Knowledge Base article that describes this new functionality in more detail.

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Hey ChrisMartin, 


Thanks for the helpful idea. I have been upvoting the feature to clone a deal for quite some time now. This widget is actually working very well!


So to all of you who are in need of a easy to use and easy to implement widget to clone deals, go to


Unless Hubspot develops this feature, I will be using this one instead.





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Yes, we would like to see this too.

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This is really quite a basic feature with lots of support - pls get on it Hubspot!

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We need this!  This is basic.

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Agreed, at the end of a calendar year, we "close out" existing active projects in our pipeline by either Completing them, or Continuing them with a new category and slightly different name. Being able to clone an existing deal would make this much easier and faster to do than retying all of that info for each deal.


Thank you!

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Where are we with cloning Deals? 


Thank you... 

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Hi there

We need this feature too. Seems toi be essential for a rep and a CRM. Massive upvote !

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There is a third party widget that clones deals! you can find it here. It works great.


REVlabs Duplicate Deal Widget


Hope you find this helpful!





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Yes this would be a HUGE help to help calculate our renewal MRR.

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I totally agree. 

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I communicated with some great folks at Revenue River and downloaded the widget and it works great. They are in Beta testing right now, so you can get it for free and they are also making some updates. This has really helped our process, as we wanted to duplicate Deals for our different divisions. Thanks for the suggestion @BoudewijnB 


I do have a questions about Calculation+Formulas. Is anyone familiar with how to set up a custom equation to automatically calculate Probability to Forecasting or Amount? I will start a separate Idea to keep this channel open for the Duplicate Deal. 


Thank you... 

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Thanks! I found them as well and have downloaded the widget and it's working pretty well.




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Favor urgente necesitamos duplicar los negocios, nos quita muchisimo tiempo crear los negocios mes a mes de clientes que consumen el mismo servicio mes a mes

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This is one of the most important feature we needed!

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@FHC  Francisco usa el widget, esta en beta, es gratis y estan abiertos a recomendaciones para mejorarla, funciona super bien. La compañia es legitima. Saludos! 

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I am new to Hub Spot and can't believe it is not possible to clone a deal. Am disappointed this forum goes back to 2017 - I mean, how long do we have to wiat? I have used Salesforce in the past and Salesforce allows you to clone. When can we expect to be able to clone deals in Hub Spot?


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yes,  would like also. 


This is available in SalesForce, suprised it wasnt a feature on HS. This feature is crucial to by business. Please consider adding the clone option to deals. Thank you -MC

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Please please please add this simple feature. 

Cloning is perfect and should be a basic feature

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I need this asap. We have clients that make the same deal over and over. Duplicate data entry when we alredy have the info is dumb! Clone deals!!