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Need to be able to clone an individual deal. This is helpful for recurring revenue organizations and building MRR. Please! Smiley Happy

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Mar 16, 2020

Hello HubSpot community, 

When combing through this idea, there are 2 main themes. One of them is to clone the contents of one deal to create another, the second is to merge two existing deals together. 

For those interested in merging two existing deals together, I'm excited to let you know that we've heard your feedback and have launched the ability to merge deals. Here is a Knowledge Base article that describes this new functionality in more detail.

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I'm surprise that a basic 'duplicate' or 'clone' button isn't available for the Sales Team when creating 3 or 4 deals that are almost the same. In our case the Sales Team create 3 or 4 deals with the same company and aren't happy on populating 15 fields all over again and again.


HubSpot support suggested using a 3rd party widget (revLABS) that adds a 'Duplicate Deal' button but when I click on it made buy a subscription to get this working accross our organisation and because is a 3rd party software, HubSpot won't provide any additional support on it. 


I'm surprise this isn't a priority item for the Dev Team. This is just basic functionality for Sales Hub. We moved from Salesforce to HubSpot and the Sales Team are screaming to see the 'clone' or 'duplicate' opportunity/deal button we used to have in Salesforce. It's difficult to explain to my Management Team why there isn't a duplicate option available on HubSpot. Keen to hear any feedback from the HS Team on why this hasn't been put on the roadmap yet so I can share this internally.

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I have a client who creates a number of similar deals for various clients and it would save them a lot of time if they can just clone a deal, including the associated products. Along those lines, being able to clone quotes would be helpful as well. 

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Voting for this as well.

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Please !!! Smiley Happy

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Excellent idea.  I have numerous clients on retainer and I want to be able to clone the deal each month.

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Cloning a deal would save me so much time, out of 100 deals, 85 of them are mostly duplicates selling the same thing to different customers over and over

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@imorrell @as a work around whilst you wait for this to be implemented. You could add a simple custom property with  yes/no value. The set up a workflow to pick up on any deals that need to be cloned/copied. Any flagged yes, would be copied. Please note, it does not copy products across 



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Wow. Super surprised this is not possible. Adding my +1