Cloning a Deal

Need to be able to clone an individual deal. This is helpful for recurring revenue organizations and building MRR. Please! Smiley Happy

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This functionality is needed.

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yes please!

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Of course, we would save time being abble to clone deals (for instance, for recurrent deals within a contract frame agreeement). This should be a MUST HAVE as it already exists on many ther CRMs.

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Great to see lots of people having this same need. Is anyone from HubSpot here and can give us an update if and when this is being pushed to the product team? It's been two years now since this was requested; with 200+ upvotes and 100 comments for what seems to be a pretty basic feature. Thank you!

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There is a way to do this but it requires automation, creating a new contact field, and two workflows. I don't have the time or space to say how to do this in this forum, but if you shoot me an email at - I can make sure to get back to you with an explanation on how I set up this necessary feature in our HubSpot CRM. It's not an apples-to-apples duplication, but it can help speed up the process of manually creating repeat deals.

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Any update on this? We've found that the Deals board is basically unusable for the ecommerce side of our business. At the moment, over half of our revenue is generated through Draft Orders (quotes) on Shopify when interested customers call in. As it stands now, Draft Orders are not any part of the Shopify/Hubspot integration. In order for us to use the Deals board, our sales agents would have to do the following:


1) Receive customer call, take notes in Hubspot, build the quote in Shopify.

2) Send Shopify Draft Order via Shopify.

3) Create the Deal in Hubspot.

4) Customer completes order via Draft Order.

5) Now there are two Deal records (the one the sales agent originally created, and the new deal record created by Shopify).

6) Manually merge the two deals. 


If there were a way to merge deals, we could possibly use the Deals board, even though we would really like Draft Orders to be a part of the Hubspot/Shopify integration.

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Must have

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Hey guys! Our team has created a HubSpot widget that specifically allows you to duplicate a deal just by clicking a button on the deal record. We are going to be launching our beta testing program very soon - sign up here if you'd like to get access to this feature!

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We would need this feature! 


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YES please! 

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The ability to clone a deal would be VERY helpful to us at BRODY, too. It would see endless time creating deals that are similar to previous ones (except for maybe the date or another minor detail).


PLEASE allow cloning of deals. Would save many of us a lot of time and aggravation.


Thank you!

Miryam Roddy

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I don't think anyone at HubSpot is listening. Weird, because this is basic functionality that I've seen in other CRMs. I'm unfollowing this thread because I'm tired of seeing all the other users chiming in that they need this and seeing no response from HubSpot. Well, what do you want for nothing?

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Hey Hubspot has done it, they developed a widget that will clone deals, it is being tested and will be available to all shortly!

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Quick update! We launched our beta widget that allows you to duplicate deals right from the deal record. Feedback so far has been positive! Check it out:

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Cloning a deal with all its properties would be absolutely needed for many different use cases. For example when a deal is made with a parent company but regards many daughter companies. You want to clone the deal (sometimes many many times) instead of having to import them.

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Any update on this feature?  We have a lot of dup deals that need to be merged.

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Yes, would 100% agree here. Hubspot while a powerful tool, seems to be fairly focused on certain typical types of businesses. For example, we're a in-app publisher management platform. While there would be one company, that company could/will have a number of apps. While each app is from the same company, they could have unique elements that need to be tracked. Without the ability to clone, we will need to set these all up seperately, which with the Hubspot default properties and our custom properties is very time consuming. This was not somehting that we had a clear understaning of when signing up and and explaining our business model, and will definately be a reason for leaving. There are countless scenarios I can think of, so I have to assume this is on the roadmap. 

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Has anyone tried the Revlabs solution? It sounds great but hard to tell anything about the company based on their website. Would be great to have some current user reviews.

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@JamesWa- I integrated their solution last week, which is super simple and can be removed pretty easy. Overall we're just launching with Hubspot, so I've only run a couple tests to see how it functions, but it does work as expected with cloning a deal.

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same here! Agree!