Cloning a Deal


Need to be able to clone an individual deal. This is helpful for recurring revenue organizations and building MRR. Please! Smiley Happy


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Hello,  I endorsed the idea back in 2018 and I waited and waited for Hubspot to put in place a duplicate Deal feature. 


I am here to say that I stopped waiting and I reached out to Dax at and I am very happy with the integration.  Not only can I clone but I can pick certain fields to clone.  It's been the best experience and the integration takes seconds.  I highly recommend you reach out to them.


I hope this helps anyone who is ready to move to cloning deals.


I second all those recommendations about getting Clone Attack with @Daxchemist. It's saving us a lot of time in cloning our deals each time we start a new recruiting campaign for the next semester.


If it hasn't already been mentioned I would like cloning for Tickets, as well as Deals.


Hi! Just would like to reiterate the need for cloning a deal into a different pipeline. Thank you! 


We also need  this functionality. Either cloning a deal incl. products direct out of the deal and with Workflows that includs products when creating new deals automatacly. Every normal accountig software has such a cloning function - except the workflow function 😉.


Am I the only one thinking these messages are lost in the air? Not a single reaction from HubSpot side.

Again: I don't want pay extra for using an additional application for cloning a deal. It is an obvious feature this CRM must include. So disappointing.



@Dylan Any update on this? Is there a problem that is causing this to take so long?


3.5 years later, still nothing? Let's go guys!


Just to add my name to the choir on this. Cloning deals is really useful and I woudl request that HubSpot look to develop this functionality


Thanks a lot




We also need this. Thanks!


needed asap. thank you


Yes!  This feature would greatly benefit everybody managing renewals for SaaS companies.  


I am sad to say after a year of supporting this (3.5 years of the 'community' asking for this) - no sign that Hubspot are even tracking these suggestions - my recommendation would be for hubspot to shut this down rather than give the impression of responding to customer feedback and not as that is frustrating.  


This is a very important feature required for most businesses who have sales people! 


Is there an update on this feature?


Hey HS Community!

I wrote an email to the customer service with the subject: No answer in 3.5 years, I copy their answer here:


Hi Edit, Thank you for contacting HubSpot Support. I understand you are interested in cloning deals.

As outlined in this community post, it is still not possible at this time. Our developers do not have immediate plans to build or launch a "clone deal" button and have their energy instead focused on solving other problems that help our customers grow better. Sorry Edit!

As a workaround other customers have used the integration clone attack found here and say that it works great!

Of course, if you need anything else or have any other questions on this matter, please don't hesitate to reach out.

I hope you have a great day!

Best Regards, Aaliyah

Customer Support Specialist


As you see, still nothing, just bullsh*t.

Have a nice day, y'all! 



Hey Edit,


Thank you very much for your efforts and sharing the feedback from Hubspot.

I like the workaround with clone attack. I checked up the addin and it looks promising. It works with all tiers (also with the free CRM).

It is not what I wished to get, but it is some kind of solution, and costs only a few bugs.


Thanks - this will help, until Hubspot will integrate such a feature.


Best regards,


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Is there any reason why this is not yet getting implemented? It would really help sales teams focus on sales instead of data entry.


HubSpot Product Team
Hello HubSpot community,

Thank you for your continued feedack here. I wanted to provide an update on the status of this idea. Cloning a deal is absolutely on a list of things we’d like to do. However, the list is long and time and resources are limited, so building this functionality is ultimately a question of priorities, and this is a lower priority compared to some of the other things we’re working on right now. We're continuing to keep an eye on the use cases provided in this idea and are always re-evaluating our top priorities, I'll be sure to update this thread when this is a more near-term priority. 
- Dylan