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Cloning a Deal

Need to be able to clone an individual deal. This is helpful for recurring revenue organizations and building MRR. Please! Smiley Happy


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@AAnderson8 Our app clone attack will not only do your duplicates, but will soon allow you to set defaults when duplicating, as well as change the pipeline/stage upon duplication!


Check it out here -


Use Case: We want to make sure notes that were in prior deals with a prospect or client (that didn’t come to fruition but now are back on the table) aren’t missed in the current deal.


Hi Hubspot,

+1 for this basic option. In our group, we have lot of recurrent deals that I need to duplicate. 

Tx in advance for this new feature !


We currently transitioned from PipeDrive to HubSpot.  While there are many reasons why we made the switch (your reporting is much better for example,) one of the important features of PipeDrive is the ability to clone a deal.  I have many projects where the same products are deployed in several or many different locations.  In HubSpot, the deal name and quote name are the only data that change in this instance.  Having to completely repeat this information over and over again is VERY time consuming and prone to errors.  PLEASE fix this!!!

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Hey @BradSalerno and all you cloning folks!


We've added several new features to our app Clone Attack that duplicates Deals, Contacts, and Tickets:

  • Set the new Pipeline and Stage when you duplicate
  • A full config page to set defaults for different properties (or prevent them from being copied)
  • Duplicating as a workflow action coming up next!

Feel free to message me if you need a specific feature. Check out the app here! 




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@JHerlem @BradSalerno I support @Daxchemist message.  We've been using his Clone Attack.  It does what we're all asking for and more.  Easy to use, and I would contend, a permanant solution, not just a stop gap for this Hubspot problem.  


We concur.  Cloning a deal is indeed needed. What is staus on development since this appears to be a question from 3 years ago?


@LWitlox I agree with @SkeeStylus that Clone Attack is a solid, long-term solution.


Especially since I don't see Hubspot moving on this any time soon. 


This is such a basic feature. Please develop it! Right now we have to download deals and upload them again if wanting to create clone deals.


This is a critical requirement for our company.  It is a standard feature in other CRM's.  Based on the feedback provided, this should be a priority for 2021.   Adding the same deal month after month is time consuming and not an effective way for our team to sell.  


Yes! Cloning a deal woud be so helpful for a long term project with different shipment dates. It would save our team a ton of time!


Wondering when the last 'Hubspot' Product Owner comments was as there are years of customers saying the same thing....i.e. this is an essential feature


Hey Everyone,

this issue started in 2017... What I can see since then two types of comments: 1. please we need deal cloning feature, 2. hey, why don't you use an additional application to solve your issue.

I really don't get it what takes so long, to develop this function, and why is this even a question, whether HS does it or not? This is so obviously needed. Is it really a rocket science?

And yes, a HubSpot Moderator's up-to-date comment would be much appreciated.





So much fun that a 3rd part company making money on this core function.
I think HS could easy avoing this large thread of complaining by do a easy plugin for this and just put in a Beta Format and let us customers decided what to clone or not.  


Thank you to the additional commentors.  And, please no more solicitations from 3rd party apps to clone a deal.  Our company has zero interest in additional fees when this should be native to HUBSPOT.  Thank you.


HS should be embarassed that this was identified 2.5 years ago and nothing has been done. Duplicating is a BASIC and NECESSARY feature people are pleading for, and HS can't be bothered. I imagine them high-fiving in the boardroom when Clone Attack came out, as they feel they've killed two birds with one stone - they make a few bucks off Clone Attack, and can cross this off their development tasks. Brutal.


Don't worry about custom clone settings, customizing this or that, only cloning certain fields... Just add a button to clone the whole deal. It's 100x easier to clone the whole thing and delete comments/notes/attachements as needed, than to do any amount of re-typing from scratch. 


Make your customers happy Hubspot. Stop forcing us into PAID third party apps for what can be very easily argued as missing core functionality.


I just want to add that this idea would really help CSMs or AMs use Hubspot (making it stickier in organisations). When a deal is closed won I need to replicate that deal and move dates out by a year (for annual SaaS contracts), the associated contacts, properties and deal amount should be the same (for now). I currently need HS open on two screens in order to do this, which is a faff and time sink.


Maybe Hubspot could add more options to the Automation Workflow part to duplicate or options then today? 
Becauase we have a half duplicate Deal function working inside Hubspot where we copy a few parts but not all.
If Hubspot increase does options that are already working instead of inveting a total new functionallity. 




Hey all of you recent commentors (@JMerkel , @Issen007 , @cfleishman @ICM @ZChenier @LWitlox @Edith ),


I am equally frustrated that this is not a built in feature within HubSpot, and I think it is really iritating on an already expensive software to have to pay and extra $30/mo for this basic feature. I'm sure Clone attack is a great add-on and good for them for fixing something that so many people want. But, it feels like HubSpot should be paying them not us. 


Either way, if any of you are zapier users, I did find a free way to solve this problem that took less than 10 minutes to implement. Here's the link to the comment where I broke down the process I used to solve this.


Hopefully that is helpful to some of you. I find myself trying to solve lots of random things and data transfer between our various apps that we use. I'd be curious what other ways people have found to use Zapier or other apps they are already paying for with Zapier.



OMG!!! Please for the all that is HOLY!

LET US CLONE DEALS- We don't want to do duplicate work!!! redundant and frustrating for myself and my team. Get this implemented immediately.