Cloning a Deal


Need to be able to clone an individual deal. This is helpful for recurring revenue organizations and building MRR. Please! Smiley Happy


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We import a number of our deals into HBS from a spreadsheet that has been created from a different system. The link is the Contact email address. 


we want the clone quote option as well for both renewals and monthly service offerings.  It is time consuming and not very cost efficient to offer a monthly service I can't easily process and clone each month. Today we create each one manually.


If we had a custom property in HubSpot called subscriptions that would automate invoice and payment creation based on a cycle and associate all invoices to this subscription. So in Hubspot you would have a subscription section with a list of all invoices so you can run reports on sales etc. 


Let me know if this makes sense 

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If you have access to calculated fields, you could create a number field that displays the rep's commission based on a percentage of the deal amount. You're able to set conditions on the field which could help if you're comp structure varies across reps. 


In this approach, you'd also be able to create roll-up reports if that would be helpful. 


This is needed. We do very similar deals all the time, with a LOT of details associated. It would be great to clone them and update the relevant areas. 


This is such an important thing for us as well.

We need to clone a deal because we are currently two Pipelines and we need to have the same deal in each one of them.
We need to give our sales reps the ability to clone a deal so they can copy the information, timeline and etc. to the next pipeline.

I hope Hubspot's development team work on this idea to help 500 users (upvoting so far).


@Breno you could achieve this using a workflow based upon populating a custom property with a value, this would copy the deal to the other pipeline with all relevant information that you wish to copy. The only thing that will not copy is Products unfortunately.

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Hello HubSpot community, 

Thank you for your continued input on this idea. As I mentioned in a previous post, saving reps time is squarely in the realm of things we are thinking about on the HubSpot Product Team. 

To help us continue to deliver a product that helps your business grow better, could you answer this 3 question (only 1 required) survey about your detailed needs for cloning deals? 

Thank you in advance! 


THANK YOU @Dylan !!!


thank you @Dylan, survey submitted.

to all on this thread submit your survey responses as well.


could you answer this 3 question (only 1 required) survey about your detailed needs for cloning deals? 






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Submitted too


As Hubspot gets more and more functionality and complexity - clone becomes a HUGE time-saver especially as an initial large long deal when it comes to contracts often starts breaking down into small 3 month chunks - certainly with the big clients we work with in financial services



It baffles me that such a basic feature with a big support base still isn't being implemented! Whether you have several similar deals associated with one company, or a recurring deal, or a deal setup that is identical accross companies, all of these require the manual reentry of all data, or some unnecessary workflow workaround. Time-consuming and frustrating to say the least.


@Dylan I also recommend development on the feature.

a) enabling users to create multi-pipeline approach (marketing, sales, success) using the same deal

b) re-using an "old" deal e.g. for an upselling pipeline by cloning this deal

c) save lot of time for users preventing "copy-paste-monkleywork"


in fact it is just copy all properties from deal "old" to deal "new". With a workflow this is half way possible, but quite tricky.



This lack of functionality is contributing to the business case to move to Salesforce and another example of Hubspot being good for Marketers but not for Sales teams. The lack of an ability to clone deals with products makes it time consuming and prone to error for moving deals from the Sales team to the Account Management team. 


I understand it may be a complex product issue because of the way Hubspot was built but this was raised in 2017 and it certainly isn't a 4 year complicated issue. 


GazEvans I think has put this really well - this is such a fundamental flaw for a business that is scaling that it would prompt seeking an alternative with the CLONE feature.

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Hello all!


Seeing the cloning deals has been such a missing feature, we have an app for it!


Clone deals in a couple of clicks, and coming in a few, clone Tickets and Contacts!


Hope this helps the community!


Done answering @Dylan 's questions.


This feature is requested by our reps ; although they don't have thought a lot about the exact data to be copied.


I have questioned them + answered your poll using my experience of Salesforce.


Do it!