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Cloning a Deal

Need to be able to clone an individual deal. This is helpful for recurring revenue organizations and building MRR. Please! Smiley heureux

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Has Hubspot resolved this issue yet?

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Any update on this?

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YES, agreed!! 

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Great idea!

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Yes agreed from me too

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This would be a big productivity improvement

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Great for MRR contracts and also tons of other common sales!  thanks for posting.

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I completely agree! Merging deals is an essential function for our team. 

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Has this function been incorporated yet? We have multiple deals that we need to be able to merge. Should be a basic function.

Please advise ETA for developing this.

Thank you!

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We just imported a lot of information from SF but we had already other deals in HubSpot and now we need to merge them. Any idea on when this function will be available? 

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 Allowing us to merge deals by the deal name we create will greatly improve our offline sales to online marketing attribution model. I have 4 different reports tied to a unique serial number that gives a complete pciture of a deals. 

Reports: Warranty Registration, Retail Financed Report, Retail B2B Payoff, and Customer Survey. 

Each report are tied to a unique serial number. This will allow me to initiate a loyaly campaign, track retail activity, and improve our marketing ROI attribution models. 

If you fix this, you'll be ahead of your competition with CRMs!! 

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 Deals may be fluid, as noted above.  The need to merge and even split while retaining information is needed.

My specific case involves two deals created around the same Contact accidentally.  

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Is this function still not avaialble? Seems so basic that people would enter the same deal and a need for a merge function is so needed. Any feedback Hubspot???

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upvote this feature

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I used an automation tool (ZAPIER) to "clone" a deal. 

We add another Deal Stage called "CLONE ME" exclusively for Cloning. So once you update deal stage to "CLONE ME", it will trigger the tool to copy the value of your updated deal then produce new deals with the copied data.

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Please! Merge Deals Feature ASAP!

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SUGGESTION: Be able to copy an exisitng deal and create a duplicate deal. 


REASON: in a B2B environment we often create multiple deals for the same company. A majority of the time, only a few properties change (Amount, Close date, Descritpion)


I think this should be an easy option where the user could select CLONE DEAL and be forced to upate the Deal Property 

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Totally need this feature - huge time sink having to resolve duplicates / merge data manually

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 @Goohlay, thank you so much for sharing your solution. We are also trying to clone the deal with Zapier however we do not find the copy value. Is this happening on Hubspot or Zapier? Is there an additional step we're missing on Zapier? At the moment we have the triggers "deal entered a new stage" and  "create a new deal" but are unsure of where we can get the step to copy the data.