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Cloning a Deal

Need to be able to clone an individual deal. This is helpful for recurring revenue organizations and building MRR. Please! Smiley Happy


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Hello Dylan,


thank you for your detail response.  We all appreciate it.  I just want to point out that I understand that the Cloning feature include various options based on demand, however as a FIRST implementation the easiest and shortest option is listed in your reponse. Just the abilitity to clone the deal with the name is an ENOURMOUS time savings from having nothing at all.


thank you for this first iteration and consideration.



Regarding saving reps time: Our entire product is shaped to help you grow better. When reps are doing duplicative tasks, this slows you down and hurts growth. However, different businesses have different needs around "cloning". Some want just the deal name, others want the same deal amount, others want to copy the entire contents of the deal (including activities and emails), some want the deal to be included in the same reports as other deals. Since there are such vast requirements amongst our user base - this would inherently create the need for "settings" to allow admins to choose exactly how a deal cloning would work.


Being able to clone a deal and then edit and small differences would be my biggest time saver period!!!!

Without it is so much repetitive work


@JoeMayall @Dylan if Hubspot are not working on this currently and have no immediate plans to add any functionality relating to cloning, then could you please share with this thread what the customer base is calling for and that you are actively working on currently. From what I can see this is a pretty major requirement for over 500 people. So what is it that trumps this?


I think when it comes to eventually providing this function in Hubspot, the point raised about what to clone should, i believe be given to the user to try and not the admins, as you may wish to clone certain items on one deal and other items for another deal. Therefore these options should form part of the cloning process with checkboxes to decide what you would like to clone at that point. Products MUST be included in this cloning process.


In addition, the workflow process MUST also include the ability to make these decisions in any automated processes.


Look forward to hearing from you.


Best Regards,




@Dylan thanks for the update. It's exciting to hear you are working on recurring revenue and invoicing. Any information you can share on that? And, will these features be included in marketing pro or are they reserved for enterprise? For us, enterprise is way out of our price range, but we are in dire need of recurring revenue and invoicing features. It was a bitter surprise to learn that recurring revenue features were reserved for enterprise after we had signed up and I don't really understand the logic, as many of us in tech and tech startups have this kind of business model but are nowhere close to classifying as an enterprise, and probably never will.

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It's encouraging to see some motion here from the HubSpot team!


Last year, my team developed a widget to solve this exact challenge for one of our clients. When we realized how many folks experience the same duplicative data-entry pains, we built it out further and launched to a good-sized group of beta testers. We've gotten great feedback and the usage data is encouraging! 


It's nothing fancy, but here is what it will do for you: 


- clone your Deal

- select the Deal Stage for the new deal (this helps avoid unnecessarily triggering any automation you may have set up)

- select whether or not you want to carry the Products over

- provide you with a click-through link to the new Deal

Maybe it could help you! Maybe not. Here's the link if you want to check it out. 

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@Dylan Thanks for the note.


I think that your team may be overthinking this a bit.  The ability to clone a deal, as a standalone idea, should be simple.  There are many places in HubSpot where an element can be copied or cloned.  The ability to clone an Opportunity in Salesforce has been a basic feature for many years.  Our Salesforce customers use this feature constantly and we are able to write workflows using the feature to create very specific applications without a lot of custom code.


While there are probably recurring revenue or subscription features that are more complex, the ability to clone a deal should be a no-brainer.


@Dylan  Thank you for the update. However, I too think you guys are overthinking this.


I believe a majority of users are simply asking for a very simple 'clone' or 'duplicate' button or something and then let the user make the changes. Your explanation tells me that you have made it far too complicated.


In Gmail calendar, there is a duplicate option of an existing calendar item...take a look at it. It's very simple. It gives you a starting point...then change the fields you want. Bam. Save it and you are good to go.


Please re-evaluate your decision and how complex you guys have been looking at this.


Thanks, Karen 


@Evans4316 EXACTLY!!!!



Hi, we need a simple cloning of the deal. This can suit all users. We will change the data we need to change manually.


Agree 100%.  Don't complicate things, let us deal with the changes ourselves.


Three years of comments and requests and 800+ customers voicing (not to mention the many customers who wish for the feature but have not voiced their opinion) their plea for this feature that is common to many other programs.  What does it take to add basic features to Hubspot??  
The program is great in many ways but still has GIANT holes that need to be addressed.

I just realized that this request has twice the number of upvotes as compared to ANY idea that is on the Ideas Forum - how is this not completed or addressed?


For all those that want to clone deals ... I've installed a widget that integrates with Hubspot.   You can clone in 2 seconds and just change the fields as appropriate.   Easy fix for something that Hubspot just can't seem to do! www.revenueriver./com/revlabs/duplicate-deal




Looking at the widget that SusanH mentioned.  Thanks for sending this. Has anyone else used this yet? 
Any good or not-good experiences?
This seems to be the widget address


I have seen some other widgets / add-ins like this previosuly. Can these type of things also be integrated or called up in the Hubspot workflow engine?


If I recall, they had a free version (which is what I'm using) and I believe if you want it for more than one user there is a fee.   I have it installed for our sales ops admin... and it works perfectly as she's the one that normally clones the deals. 


This particular widget add-on integrates into Hubspot and shows on the deal page (on my screen it shows right above the 'help' button on bottom right. 




Cannot register in another country only in the USA !!!


@Dylan Thanks for the rundown of thoughts, but you don't really give a reason for why you wouldn't allow Cloning deals.


It would be such an easy feature to add that would really help for use cases like this.


@Dylan I agree with JeremyPSE.  I think the underlying problem is that your team has made this idea far too complicated when all that was asked for was something very simple. I think you guys need to revisit this and maybe look at it with a simplistic paradigm. I think what most of us are asking for:


In Contact:
1. Select an Existing Deal (can be open or closed deal)
2. Press [Duplicate Deal] button
3. Duplicate these fields into a new deal
  • Deal Name
  • Deal Description
  • Deal Stage
  • Amount (Deal Amount)
  • Deal Close Date
  • Deal Type
  • Deal Owner

4. User can then modify the new deal as they want to.


This is what I'm looking for... Something very basic.


I have been using the widget add-in that was mentioned and the result is simple and exactly what Hubspot should have done a very long time ago - I can clone the deal and modify the contact and company - which is what most of the folks have been asking for.

Here is the link again.  I have no affiliation with the company other than I am now a thankful fan!
Just be sure to create an account with the same email you use for your Hubspot  login.


To Elsystems:   Glad the widget works for you.  Very simple functionality that Hubspot seems to have difficulty with.   Makes no sense.     The first response you get from Hubspot when you ask for  basic functionality is "post to the ideas board".  Well here we are 3+ years later and god only knows how many have posted on this topic.... but no results from Hubspot.   Maybe it's time to look at real CRM's!!