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Need to be able to clone an individual deal. This is helpful for recurring revenue organizations and building MRR. Please! Smiley Happy


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I'm surprise that a basic 'duplicate' or 'clone' button isn't available for the Sales Team when creating 3 or 4 deals that are almost the same. In our case the Sales Team create 3 or 4 deals with the same company and aren't happy on populating 15 fields all over again and again.


HubSpot support suggested using a 3rd party widget (revLABS) that adds a 'Duplicate Deal' button but when I click on it made buy a subscription to get this working accross our organisation and because is a 3rd party software, HubSpot won't provide any additional support on it. 


I'm surprise this isn't a priority item for the Dev Team. This is just basic functionality for Sales Hub. We moved from Salesforce to HubSpot and the Sales Team are screaming to see the 'clone' or 'duplicate' opportunity/deal button we used to have in Salesforce. It's difficult to explain to my Management Team why there isn't a duplicate option available on HubSpot. Keen to hear any feedback from the HS Team on why this hasn't been put on the roadmap yet so I can share this internally.


I have a client who creates a number of similar deals for various clients and it would save them a lot of time if they can just clone a deal, including the associated products. Along those lines, being able to clone quotes would be helpful as well. 


Voting for this as well.




Please !!! 🙂

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Excellent idea.  I have numerous clients on retainer and I want to be able to clone the deal each month.


Cloning a deal would save me so much time, out of 100 deals, 85 of them are mostly duplicates selling the same thing to different customers over and over


@imorrell @as a work around whilst you wait for this to be implemented. You could add a simple custom property with  yes/no value. The set up a workflow to pick up on any deals that need to be cloned/copied. Any flagged yes, would be copied. Please note, it does not copy products across 




Wow. Super surprised this is not possible. Adding my +1


This would be very very helpful - I upvote!


This has been a thread for three years. Please just tell us if you have decided not to implement the feature. That way we can stop holding out false hope. 


@tfs410 @Yes, absolutely.


Hubspot dev team. Please just tell us. Either you are doing it or not. If not, then please close this thread. It seems there are many people in favour of this, so make sense to add. We just need some guidance on when. Communication is required on this and all suggested ideas, just so we all know what is happening and can plan how we operate in our businesses. Thank you


The feedback I received from our HubSpot Customer Success Manager about his item is that the current product development roadmap does not include this function primarly because this can be achieved using a workflow.


As a HubSpot customers we decided not to use workflows due to the complexity to set them up and mantain.


Being an ex-Salesforce Admin myself, my recommendation is to keep the CRM platform standard and not spending time on customising too much making difficult to mantain, migrate or upgrade (from SF classic to SF lightening).


This is not acceptable. Obviously, the developers do not use the program and do not understand the job differences between those who use workflows and those who don't. Very disappointing.



@JoseLitre   @Evans4316 


Thanks for the contributions.


That there is no need due to workflows is absolutely false.  I use some workflows, mostly for task related prompts.


I have spoken with support AND done a walkthrough of the workflow...the one item that even the workflow doesn't and can't do is copy the PRODUCTS over from deal to deal.  That is what ties the revenue to the deal (for us) so without that, it is useless.


Maybe we all just need to keep creating new threads, ideas and forums on this need/ some point maybe someone will pay it some attention.


I have several companies who consistantly purchase the same products in the same quantities from us, howeverthey are each separate sales orders which means they need to be separate deals in HubSpot. It would be really nice to clone(copy)  a deal so I do not have to go through all the steps of adding company, contact, and product info every time they need to repeat an order.

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We recently developed a script for a company that sells Recurring Revenue products, they wanted to be able to see potentially revenue over time and with the ability to get a weighted view. 


Every time a deal is created, the script clones this deal based on how long the contract is and puts the close date as the 1st of each of the months. And if the parent deal is updated, all the child deals get updated too.


This script can also be used to clone deals into the same pipeline.


If you want to find out more, here is my meetings link:

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Hello HubSpot community, Smiley Happy 

Thank you all for your continued input on this idea. I'm a product manager on our CRM team and wanted to provide you all with a status update here as the status of this issue is a bit complicated.

For starters, @JoeMayall recently made an update to the core idea. There was a technical error on our end that increased the number of votes on this issue by about 300.

When it comes to cloning deals, we hear you! We've been steadily looking into all of the context provided here and its clear there is product pain in a few areas.

Recurring revenue - the ability for HubSpot to support a recurring revenue model can be painful due to the fact that deals need to be re-created month over month, or quarter over quarter.

Saving reps time - sometimes deals are created that are very similar to a previous deal and the rep creating the deal wants to use the same data. Re-typing this data is inefficient.

Regarding recurring revenue: We're currently working on several aspects of the product that will help recurring revenue models. This includes invoices, reports, and even forecasting.

Regarding saving reps time: Our entire product is shaped to help you grow better. When reps are doing duplicative tasks, this slows you down and hurts growth. However, different businesses have different needs around "cloning". Some want just the deal name, others want the same deal amount, others want to copy the entire contents of the deal (including activities and emails), some want the deal to be included in the same reports as other deals. Since there are such vast requirements amongst our user base - this would inherently create the need for "settings" to allow admins to choose exactly how a deal cloning would work.

Both of these things are goals that we have our eye on. The problems that are expressed here are likely to be solved in many ways. There is not a "clone deal" silver bullet. We plan on working continually towards solving all of this pain, every day. However, at this time we do not have immediate plans to build or launch a "clone deal" button and have our energy focused on solving other problems that help our customers grow better.

Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
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Hi HubSpot Community,


I'm updating the status of this thread to reflect Dylan's comment.




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