Cloning a Deal


Need to be able to clone an individual deal. This is helpful for recurring revenue organizations and building MRR. Please! Smiley Happy


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Obviously it's a requested feature however, Hubspot just ignores our request. I've used others like Netsuite, Saleforce and a few others. Upvotes shouldn't matter at this point! Listen to your users. 


I will be contacting my corporate office and maybe request another CRM platform. 

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Bump this to the top!

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This would be a valuable feature to help improve deal management in accounts where there can be multiple contacts or multiple activities in a period of time that generate leads which when worked often consolidate.

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I agree. I'd love this feature

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Totally agree, we need this feature

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This is an essential feature for every sales software and CRM. 

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Yes, you should be able to do this and select which fields/options you want to copy at least at a high level like:


Select the options to clone:

- All fields

- Notes



Then set the new close date to the latest deal's close date + 1 year, 2 years, etc. or whatever the frequency should be with respect to the current closed deal's close date.

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Another upvote - Had another customer request this

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Yep. Still not sorted?

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+ 1 here. Simply deploy and feature to build. Please, hurry up. 

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This would be a great feature!

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We need that too.

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Yes. This very basic functionality needs to be in HubSpot. I have deals that repeat with slight variations for the same customers and it would save a lot of time to be able to simply clone an existing deal to create a new one, and then modify the new one slightly as needed. Trello, my previous tool for tracking deals, makes this very easy. Anyone from HubSpot able to weigh in here?

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Requirement for productivity improvement:

faster to clone when doing monthly recurring deals, 

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We would use this really often. Currently, I need to create a new deal for each renewal, which often has the same properties. Would love to be able to clone a deal for the same client or to assign to a new client. 





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This is extremely necessary

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Hello, I need also the option to clone a deal. It will be very helpful to work that way. Tnx. Edna
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Need this!

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Yes Please! Cloning a deal is super critical to have as a feature for repetitive deals that flow across multiple months or periods with similar or near similar properties, products, etc.