Cloning a Deal

Need to be able to clone an individual deal. This is helpful for recurring revenue organizations and building MRR. Please! Smiley Happy

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Would be really helpful to have this solution.

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Much needed feature!


Would love to upvote this idea but don't see how. If you could let me know how to do so I would be happy to do it.



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@rgschultz65 Do you see the little (it almost looks like the Facebook one) thumbs up on the original post? It is here you can upvote.


Hope this helps! Smiley Happy

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Definitely! This would make life so much easier. I think products should be cloned with the deal, too.


P.S. @karinamariotti you need to upvote this one Smiley Happy

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This is a great idea! 

Cloning products or even creating a workflow where products could be automatically added would be great too!  This would provide flexibility for customers. 

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Agreed. We need this!!

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I would love this feature to clone deals as well! We sometimes have deals that break out into multiple phases and it would save a lot of time, not having to reenter all the notes and contacts. With Hubspot being a top rated CRM, I do not know how this feature is not available and has not been created since a lot of people in the community could use it. 

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Agreed. Our team would really like to have this, too.  It happens especially with global sales teams that often start with different groups/contacts/departments and find that there's one deal in the end.  Please do make this happen, Hubspot.  Thanks!

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Also for us this feature is really essential so we can use Hubspot in a efficient way! 

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Much desired, for many reasons.  Most mentioned in the thread already.


Any updates on this? 

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It would be nice if the HubSpot team could give us an update/target for this.  It's clearly needed by a lot of us clients.

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Hi folks on the thread- one thing I do when thers an idea I want upvoted is to share it in my organization and ask that they upvote.  This is absolutely a necessary feature for us to sustain our renewable software company on a platform like Hubspot.  Lets keep the upvotes high! 


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YES please this would be amazing - 

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Absolutely necessary functionality, please move this up the priority list.  

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This is a critical gap in functionality and impacts our decision on staying with HubSpot.  Please do this.

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Great idea

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Very basic feature and we could really use this, please. Thanks. 

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Any updates, not having this is killing our sales team productivity


This is a very important feature we need as well