Cloning a Deal


Need to be able to clone an individual deal. This is helpful for recurring revenue organizations and building MRR. Please! Smiley Happy


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Please enable cloing a deal! This would be huge for our team.

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Me too !! voting for it

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Love the idea. This would make life so much easier

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It's been a year, please give us this option!

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definitely need this, as we have clients with weekly and monthly contracts/deals with us

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Upvote, it would be very, very useful!

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Our sales team needs this ability too. Duplicating some deals that call for it would be way more efficient then the current situation. This duplicating of deals is determined by the Sales rep and a workflow is not the solution as it isn't a cut and dry trigger for enrollment into a workflow. We simply need to have the ability to hit a button to duplicate a deal and update the close date and other info as needed.


Again, a workflow is not the solution for this. I saw a 'solved' idea that claimed the workflow resolved it. That isn't the answer to this issue. Take another look at the request!


you must add this needed featurer

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Agree! Us too!

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This idea was submitted over a year and a half ago with no response from Hubspot.  Any idea when it will be made a reality?


Is there any reason that it hasn't progressed at all?





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It would make the sales team's life way easier if this feature was in place.

Glad to hear it's in the works!

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This would indeed be a useful feature. Especially after a data migration, allowing for a quick implementation of Hubspot without spending too much time on checking whether you're deleting the right deal.

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me too! I'd love to be able to done this. 

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YES! Please make this a priority! 

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Sad to see this doesn't exist yet especially with so many requests over two years. Would help us a lot too.

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This is an awesome idea and needs to be in place. When I used to work in my prior companies, we were able to duplicate deals. 

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UP yes plz

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We would love to use this as well. Especially because some steps of the pipeline are synced automatically with our ordering tool via API and some steps are not.

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Totally agree