Cloning a Deal

Need to be able to clone an individual deal. This is helpful for recurring revenue organizations and building MRR. Please! Smiley Happy

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Yes we need this!

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Yes. This is needed. 

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In agreement..


Especially the field sales people

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We absolutely need this feature!!!!

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Totally agree. Please add this feature. 

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We also need this functionality.

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Agreed, really basic functionality that I'm surprised doesnt already exist

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Hi @cfleishman, I haven't read all the comments but if you are using HubSpot Sales Pro there is a way to "clone" a deal without an external app. You can use a series of workflows to clone the deal for MRR, with re-enrollment so that as each deal closes it opens up an identical deal in the pipeline at a specific stage. In addition, you can set tasks for this deal - so if you have a 90 day notice outreach you can automatically set the task for this and any additional tasks for each MRR deal.


If you haven't already figured this out and want any more information on it you can let me know by tagging a reply in this thred and I'll respond with the information.

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@dan_sitton thanks for the info. This is an okay solution for us but not best. We don't use contact owner instead we have different fields for our contact owners because it's possible that we could have five different sales persons for one contact depending on what is being sold. Being able to simply hit a "clone deal" button would allow us to clone all of the information including the "deal owner" versus the contact owner.