Clone version B of Email A/B Test

As an A/B Test we put the content in a different order, and did see a better click rate in the B Version. Now we want to clone the B Version, put a new subject line on it and after a 1 week delay send it to anyone who didn't open the first email.


So the 1st email is cloned and the A/B option selected, the A/B test can be canceled, but all the content on Variation B will be removed. Hmmm. So no matter which version did better, I can only keep Variation A? Could an option be added to choose which Variation to remove instead? Or better yet, when cloning from the email list page, ask to clone Both A & B, Variation A, or Variation B.

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HubSpot Employee

Hi there! I also had a customer reach out wanting this ability for landing pages. Would love to see this implemented! 🙂 

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I agree - it would be great to clone the B version of a landing page! Right now, it automatically clones the A version, which is super frustrating if you know that B version is performing better! 

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I don't know when it was added, but there's a way to do this now. If you click on the email in your email list that you want to clone and click the clone dropdown, there's an option to clone A/B, Version A, or Version B. Yay!

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I agree. You shoudl be able to clone both A and B versions independently or both at the same time.


This needs to happen.