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Clone tickets

We need to have multiple teams collaborating on specific issues; for this to work, it would be essential to have a "clone ticket" feature and to be able to associate them, so both owners receive notifications.

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Yes we also need to have the ability to clone tickets - sometimes support requests need to be split up so that more than 1 person can work on it at a time. We need all of the original content on each cloned ticket.


Or multiple owners for the above.


In my case, if you have a  high volume operation and an issue can be quickly experienced by multiple customers over a short period of time the inability to clone the issue is pretty big limitation.


the ability to clone tickets is a no-brainer


is this on the DEV agenda, and if so when can we expect to see a BETA release ?


I also need this as our support teams can have 1. A ticket with a problem that needs to go to Dev. 2. A data ticket that needs to be corrected with the DBA's and 3. Conversion process which would go to another team.  We currently have Hubspot to DevOps integration and we are going to have a hard enough time figuring out how to manage multiple tickets scenarios.  


Same here - we have the same issues come up over and over - it would be nice to be able to duplicate a ticket (or even create a template for tickets where certain fields of a ticket could be automatically posted to a new ticket).


The feature seems to be easy to implement and has a veeeery big value for the users. The proposal has been there since 2020 and it is definitely high time they delivered it. 


It is always the simplest features that make you question your HubSpot existence. 


I need to clone tickets. I can clone everything else in life (including a lamb) so let's make it so I can clone tickets. 




Yes please...


When can we expect this. Would save a huge amount of time.


It would be fantastic if we could clone/copy tickets.  We have multiple tickets we need to generate that are very similar and it would be a huge time saver to copy an old ticket and tweak a few fields vs. completely filling out the ticket from scratch.  I'm a former Zendesk user and I could copy/clone tickets in Zendesk and it was very helpful.


I looked at Clone Attack and it is a great add on, but 250 clones is not enough to support the number of tickets we work through along with the other items it allows you to clone like deals, etc.


The only item I miss from previous system is the ability to clone tickets. Saves enormous amount of time.  Templates are not a good replacement for our need.  Apps limit the number of clones  which does not meet our needs.


This could be a huge GAME CHANGER for us ... This is what we need. To DUPLICATE the tickets means that we save time. This allows for us to use our time for other areas and service our clients. It is Important that this feature become available because we are unputting hundreds of tickets each day. 


This would be awesome for us as well. Also when we have tickets reopening with replies to emails on completely different issues that would just require a new ticket and keeping the existing ticket closed to not impact sla calculations. Or when you have multiple replies on one email that would require a separate email for each contact. 


It's a must to ensure we decrease duplicate work, up vote big time!


This is a foolish oversight on behalf of Hubspot, and functionality gap that needs to be remedied a.s.a.p.


Users need to be able to clone tickets


Tickets can branch-off into seperate sub-tasks for sepate teams to then breakdown and attack in paralellel, and the shared back-history of a given 'parent ticket' needs to be carried-over to the two daughter tickets, so as to give them context for new team workers joining (or being alloacted) the daughter tickets.


Simple 1.01 stuff


Hubspot, sort yourselves out, for goodness sake ! (groan!) 😞




We also need the function to copy tickets!


In Service when a customer is admitting a support-ticket, sometimes they have multiple question in the same mail. 

We need the opportunity to split that ticket into several tickets (with contact, company and original message) to start the different troubleshooting.


I found a tool called Clone Attack ( that accomplishes this task for me. Check it out


I would really like to be able to clone or copy tickets. It would speed up so many processes. 



We absolutely need to be able to clone tickets going forward, this would save us a lot of work and time!


Another request for cloning support tickets. Users have have a habit of replying to an old email when a new issue arises and there's no easy way to split it out into multiple issues. Thanks