Clone tickets or assign to several companies

Hi all, 

We are usign Service Hub to manage tickets and quite often one ticket is applicable to several companies. Would it be possible to assign the ticket to more than one company or to clone the ticket to avoid having to create the ticket again? 

Thank you!



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We need cloning at the least! 

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I would like to be able to clone the ticket for our product team when it is marked as a feature request. I want my agent to solve the problem for the customer, so the ticket should stay assigned to the agent, but it would be extremely convenient to get another one within the new pipeline for processing by product team. 


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YES! We'd like to track how many companies request a certain feature and also not have duplicate tickets floating around.

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All of our tickets involve at least two companies, so we need to be able to have the feature where a ticket is related to several companies

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Huge need for us as well, to be able to record how many companies are reporting the issue or requesting the feature. 

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need to clone internal tickets which we have to create manually