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Clone entire dashboard in Reporting Add-on

Instead of cloning each individual module - please enable cloning of entire dashboard to new dashboard.

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Colaborador ocasional

Agree. It's incredibly onerous to duplicate dashboards that reflect a particular account.

Nuevo colaborador

This would be extremely useful

Colaborador ocasional

+1 for this. This feature would save me SO much time. Right now I have to manually make each new report for each of our four verticals and products. 

Nuevo colaborador

 +1 personal dashboard for a large sales team is essentially not an option without this feature

Colaborador habitual

 we need this!

Colaborador ocasional

We need this too! When will this be added to the Reports Add On?

Colaborador destacado

We need this too!!!

Nuevo colaborador

I found a 'solution' that worked for us.


Create the dashboard you want your salespeople to see, and set filter owner = me. This will set the graphs in such a way that it will show the numbers of the person looking at it.


That way you can create 1 dashboard that works for all salespeople.


The downside is that it doesn't work for management as you'll only see numbers that are 'yours', which is probably all Null

Colaborador ocasional

THIS STILL HASN'T BEEN IMPLEMENTED? come on hubspot. this should be an easy one.

Colaborador habitual

We really need this feature enabled, this would save so much time for us.