Clone, delete and rearrange module sections without updating the email template.

We need more layout flexibility while creating an email without updating the template. If your email campaigns vary in length, you are always updating the template. We need the ability to clone, delete and rearrange module sections that are already built in the temple while creating an email. This would allow us to reuse sections or build multiple layouts in a single template.

Flexible columns would work:

but is not available in Email templates.

This is an extrealy usefull feature campaign monitor has and would love to see it in Hubspot.

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Agreed! Having this feature would be very helpful -- both for landing pages and emails. 

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Agreed!  This would be perfect!


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Agreed, this needs to happen! Especially since they don't have repeater or hideable fields like Mailchimp. 

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comment deleted

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 This would be very helpful! Please implement

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I agree! Would be very helpful. 

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More than agreed.

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I recently created an email template that uses a custom block module that lets you create as many models as you need. It makes the email content length flexible but still works within the limitations of HTML based email templates.


Also, if you decide you want to rearrange them you can drag and drop them into the order. So this functionality makes things flexible but works within the constraints of table based HTML emails.


Would appreciate any feedback you have: